Smart & Sexy Day was established to emphasize that women can be both intelligent and beautiful at the same time. Indeed, brains and attractiveness are a powerful combo. 

To remind yourself about it, observe Smart & Sexy Day on March 13th. 

Smart & Sexy Day: The history
This holiday was established by the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN) to remind everyone that women are totally capable of being smart and sexy at the same time. ACDN is the organization that works with women aiming to help them become more confident and self-supportive. It assists women in hardships and complicated life situations, preventing them from sliding down into poverty and despair. Apart from psychological support and boosting self-esteem, ACDN helps females of all income levels to look better and create the right wardrobe for themselves. Thus, the organization demonstrates that each and every woman can be smart and sexy at the same time.

Smart & Sexy Day: The deep meaning
The proper combination of every woman’s style and behavior is the expression of her inner potential and femininity. Both parts of this combination are important and on Smart & Sexy Day women get a unique opportunity to learn more about the ways to dress and present oneself appropriately for job interviews and other events. It becomes a great inspiration for women of all ages and economic statuses.  

Smart & Sexy Day: How to celebrate 
On Smart & Sexy day, it’s the perfect time for women to shine, demonstrate their intelligence, and look in the best way possible. The branches of ACDN work around the world to help females meet their challenges at work and in personal life, become a contributing society member, meet their own needs and those of their families. The emphasis is usually given to job interview clothing. Many stores arrange sales of this type of clothes on Smart & Sexy Day and provide consultations to give women an opportunity to look smart and pretty and get the job they desire.

Use Smart & Sexy Day to boost your self-confidence and learn how to show that you’re smart and sexy at the same time!