When it takes to study, you eager to use any tip that makes the process easier. Of course, nothing can substitute the good old hard work. However, the overwhelming study makes you struggle and reduces your efficiency. We prepared several methods to assist you in studying more effectively.

Secret Study Hacks

Chewing a gum

One of the study methods to help you focus on the hardest part of the material is to chew a gum. Your favorite flavor will boost your brain for a short period of time.

Focus apps

The best aid to get rid of all computer-related distractions is to use an app that blocks emails, notifications or anything else.

Study apps

Download one more app that helps you to study. There are plenty of them on the internet, so you can easily find something that suits your needs.


Don’t forget to eat. A healthy and regular diet nourishes your brain, therefore, you study better.


Hundreds of study life hacks are available on the internet. Search for exam resources from different colleges, YouTube channels that explain your topics or offer different tutorials.

Color notes

Use highlighters and stickers to mark important information in your notes. It’s easier to recall that information later.

Memory cards

Make up some memory aid to memorize plenty of facts or aspects of the subject.

Relatable stories

Do you remember one of those mnemonic devices you used to memorize the sequences or lists at school? Create your own relatable stories to prepare for a difficult test.


Try putting all categories of your subject in certain order. It assists in revealing the system how everything should function accordingly.


It is proved that when you rewrite notes by hand you learn the material more effectively.


Listening to your favorite music increases the level of concentration and motivation while you’re studying.

Cheat sheet

Have a cheat sheet prepared before your credit or exam even if you do not refer to it. The process of creating a cheat sheet itself will make you go through all key aspects of the subject and memorize them.


Again, like nutrition, it’s a basic human need to maintain productivity and efficiency. A proper sleep increases your abilities to think logically during the test.


Start preparing for the exam in advance to avoid sleepless session nights. You will be able to avoid all your nightmares with the correct planning.


Don’t get used to doing your homework or studying at the same place 24/7. It will be easier to pass the exam in the unusual surrounding.


Explain the material to someone and you’ll be surprised to figure out that you understand it better than before.


It’s easier to focus in the room with the natural lighting. Dim light will reduce your efficiency and fluorescent light will distract your attention.