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How to Study Smarter: Say Goodbye to All-Nighters

Let’s face it – only few people among hundreds can really benefit from night studies. Most of us only harm themselves by studying at night, because an average human essentially needs to sleep and do this at night.

How I Said GoodBye to All-Nighters

It won’t be a surprise if I tell you that we study at night, because we can’t organize ourselves to make everything on time. Good news is that it’s workable, and here’s how you can overcome this harmful habit.

Tips for effective time management

  1. Get started early

I wake up early at 7 AM and dedicate 2 hours to studies every morning. Of course, it’s not easy to make it a habit, but practice makes perfect. Besides, if you wake up at 7AM and spend some hours working, then you automatically go into the productive mode that prepares you for the whole better. 

  1. Use the Pomodoro approach

It is an excellent method for those who have a short attention span, because it requires you to take 5 minute breaks for every 25 minutes of work. Sounds easy, but it can actually increase your productiveness by 5 times or even more. Search more info about it online and try it!

  1. Work until it’s done

One of the secrets of studying is to work until it’s done. It doesn’t mean that you need to complete your thesis at one scoop, but don’t finish until you complete the objective that you have set for yourself now. Don’t allow social media sites and other things distract your attention.    

  1. Give rest a priority status

That’s just one fact that all of us need to accept – our brain won’t work to its fullest unless you give it some time to rest. And when I talk about rest, I don’t just mean sleeping, but also clearing your head with practices, such as yoga or meditation.

  1. Get errands done first

A list of useful study skills should definitely include this one. The tricky thing here is not to confuse errands with procrastination, because sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking that certain things needs to be done right now, when, in fact, we just seek an excuse for not doing what we should. So, do all the necessary rituals in the morning at once, and then proceed to studying.

Follow these 5 tips and say good-bye to all-nighters!