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How to become better at studying? The answer is simple – develop efficient studying habits! Once you do this, you will forget the time when studying was a problem.

How to Study Effectively

1) Use time-management. You should create a weekly schedule and stick to it scrupulously. You can change the schedule a little bit by studying more, but don’t allow yourself to study less than planned. See that your plan is realistic and you do not strain yourself. When planning hours for certain classes, you should take into consideration how difficult each class is. Prioritize your time and remember that education is the most important activity for you right now.

2) Pace yourself. What’s the best time and pace for you to study? Define it and adjust yourself accordingly. If you notice that your studying pace is slow, it means that you need to spend more time on studies.

3) Sleep. Don’t ever compromise your sleep to get more time for studies, because it will backfire very quickly, and you will notice that your memory and attentiveness decrease. If you’re sleeping enough time at night and study regularly, you won’t need these all-night cram sessions. In case you notice that you’re tired before you need to study, take a 15-30-minutes nap – it will improve your performance.

4) Focus on what you’re studying. If your head is full of thoughts about everything except for studies, take a moment to relax. Focus on your breath for 5-10 minutes and declutter your mind. Focus on your studies and only then start to study. If you have problems with focusing, use timer. Work 30 minutes without any interruptions, and once you hear the timer ringing, take a 10-minutes break. Repeat until you complete everything.

5) Eliminate electronic distractions. Silence your cell-phone and turn off your Wi-Fi. If you use laptop, turn off the Internet. If you aren’t using the laptop for studies, keep it away from you. Not to let social networks distract you, download special apps that block their work.

6) Find a good study spot. Tips and ways to study better should definitely include this one. The best place to study is usually near the window. Make sure that the place you have chosen is a quiet one.

Develop these good study skills and get only high grades!