There’s nothing worse than wasting your summer break. You have plenty things to do! If you don’t plan anything spectacular, at least, find a summer job.\r\n It’s a perfect idea from many sides. You start gaining work experience, contributing to your CV, earning money, and building new relationships. Besides, a summer job is part-time, so you still have time to chill in the sun. Don’t waste this opportunity, prepare your resume and go for it.

10 Tips to Get a Job in Summer

  1. Start your job search in advance

You’re not the only one looking for a summer job. So if you want to get a position in a better place, start applying as soon as possible. Set an interview schedule and don’t be afraid to do it finishing up classes.

  1. Apply for a variety of options

The more applications you make, the bigger choice you get in the end. Yet, you won’t guess 100% who answers back. However, there’s no reason to give up. Just pursue your goal.

  1. Look around in your district

Your local area contains a dozen of good summer job opportunities. Pay attention to ads in the stores, cafés, coffee shops, or retail. You will certainly find something. Plus, don’t forget about childcare and watching pets.

  1. Meet with your potential employer

You have better chances to get a job if you meet with the manager in person. Even if you just want to drop off your resume or cover letter. Being interested in a positive result, you make an impression of a reliable worker.

  1. Don’t be discouraged with the minimum wage

I know this is a harsh one. However, even the minimum wage will bring profit in the end of summer. If you want to earn more than $7.25 per hour start your job search earlier.

  1. Have fun

Working in summer doesn’t mean skipping a vacation. You apply for a part-time job, thus you’ll work 4-5 hours a day. Now, count how much free time you’ll have to party hard.

  1. Be nice

Good impression determines your future. Do your best while working and expect nice references and the invitation to work next summer.

  1. Gain experience

Sometimes, a summer job appears not as good as at the beginning. In this case, think of a pile of cash you earn and new lines in your CV. Plus, you don’t have to return to this place in the future.

  1. Set up a budget

There’s no point in summer job if you end up with an empty wallet. Save money for something worthy or for the coming school year.

  1. Put into your student loans

As an option, you can start collecting money to avoid student debts. If you manage to keep the interest of your loan down, you may even pay less.