When the time comes, every student starts wondering how to get through finals week.

How to survive finals (without going totally crazy)

Doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or last year in college, finals never get easier. You just need to accept the fact that this week is hard, stressful and seemingly never-ending. However, there are some tricks to make your finals week a bit more bearable.

Plan in Advance

Postponing everything for the last week before finals will put you at your wits’ end. You’re likely to know when this dreadful week will arrive months before, so nothing stops you from planning your work in advance. Go backwards from the due date and think how much time you need for each subject. This will help you to divide your workload equally and save your sanity later.

Take Breaks

If you’ve already ended up in a situation when you need to cram a lot, it doesn’t mean you need to die on your textbooks. In fact, taking regular breaks will only help you memorize more and recharge your batteries. The best approach is to have a timer and take a short break every hour, for example. You won’t lose much time with short breaks, but your brain will really appreciate that.

Sleep Enough

Sacrificing your sleep to prepare for an exam might sound like a great idea, but it’s not. Moreover, that’s a very bad idea because you prevent your brain from converting all information into a long-term memory, which is the process happing when we’re asleep. A sleep-deprived person is likely not to think clearly and might not be able to recall any learned information. So close those books and have some rest.

Meet Friends

…but the positive ones. Meeting up with friends will help you to unwind and switch from cramming to relaxing for a bit. However, make sure you do not meet other stressed out students who are also preparing for an exam. They will only make the matters worse by talking about their worries all the time.

Judge the Situation Clearly

Yes, finals week is a big deal, and you’re likely to lose some nerve cells over it. However, it’s not the be-all and end-all of your life. Ruining your mental and physical health just to make a grade is not worth it. So if you feel like you’re on a verge, slow down. Most people don’t even remember their finals weeks once they are over.

So work hard, but don’t overstrain yourself. With the right planning, you’re capable of everything. Good luck!