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Simple Steps for Surviving in the First Semester at Uni or College

Yes, that’s it, that’s your first semester at university or college, and you are wondering how daunting it will be. Being nervous a bit is a quite common thing for anyone, believe me! Stop racking your brains trying to guess what it will be like and follow my simple secrets which do help in living […]Read more

Choosing the Right College or University As a Key to Your Career Success

All students experience a turning point in their lives when they face a challenge on how to decide where to go to college or university to continue their education. Choosing the right college is both compelling and frightening as the final decision can greatly contribute to the students’ future career and shape their professional identity.  […]Read more

Tips for Students Who are Fond of Computer Science

In case you like computer programming, you are a lucky man. You are one of those rare individuals who are willing to earn good money and enjoy their job. Many people find themselves in the opposite situation. Loving your work is considered to be a modern and a very popular concept among young people. Now, […]Read more

Ways to Survive The End of The Semester

The end of the semester is a very difficult time for many students. Many people dream about holidays and do not want to pay due attention to their studies at this time.Read more

How to Survive Finals Week

When the time comes, every student starts wondering how to get through finals week.Read more

15 Websites College Students Need to Know

As a college student, іt’s easy to spend hours scrollіng the depths of the Internet whіle avoіding homework and studyіng. Here are a few websіtes specifіcally for college students and tools to make managіng your workload easіer. Dragon Dictation Why type out an essay lіke a madman when you can just speak іt? Dragon will regіster […]Read more