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The History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the best day of the year to honor military personnel and express respect and gratitude for their service and efforts. 

The History of Veterans Day

It’s a great day for every American citizen because it celebrates courage and strength of people who are putting their life at risk for the sake of the well-being of our great country. It’s very important to remember the origins of this holiday and see how this holiday was totally shaped by devastating wars throughout the decades.

Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, we will begin with shedding some light on this question. Veterans Day is celebrated to honor all military people who served our country in times of war and peace, while Memorial Day is celebrated to remember the warriors who have died fighting for our country. To put it simply – Memorial Day is for the deceased warriors, while Veterans Day is for the living.

Veterans Day: The Origins

Originally Veterans Day was called Armistice Day and it was celebrated to commemorate soldiers who fell during the World War I. Although it was first celebrated on the 11th of November in 1919, it became a legal federal holiday only in 1938. Armistice Day turned into Veterans Day in 1954, by President Eisenhower and it was made in order to honor the military personnel that served the US in all wars. 14 years later there was an attempt to move this holiday on another date, but it caused a lot of confusion and in 1978 the date was changed back to the 11th of November once again.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day?

Recognizing the importance of this holiday it’s crucial to understand how you can participate in its celebrations. The easiest thing you can do is to just thank veteran or veterans that you know who selflessly serve our country. Another simple thing you can do is to wear a red poppy, because it’s worldwide symbol to remember veterans, which origins date back to the World War I, just as Veterans Day itself.

If you are motivated and you feel that you can do something more than expressing gratitude with words or wearing red poppies, then you can contact one of 144 military service and veterans organizations and ask how you can help. But the most important thing is to remember and express your respect to veterans not just on the 11th of November, but every day throughout the year.