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Thematic Movies For Mathematicians

With the help of the list of movies suggested below we are eager to dispel the myth that applied science has nothing in common with fun. Get ascertained that the world of numbers can be interesting and easy to perceive.


One of the intelligent drama TV series Touch drew attention of millions of viewers immediately after appearing on Fox in 2012. The unusual plot and jerking emotions that come along with mathematical theories seem to be a compelling interconnection of, at the first sight, unrelated events.
While watching the episodes you can’t stay resistant to a moving story of a father (Martin Bohm) and his autistic son (Jake). Martin is trying to find a contact with his boy in various to traditional ways of communication approach, following the numbers his son busies himself with. The role that the numbers play in Touch is impressive as they show Jake’s supernatural gift to notice and see things that are beyond the other’s comprehension. Along with the main character we discover how the numbers, being deciphered correctly, can influence and connect lives of incongruous people. Follow the series and get impressed of how everything in the universe is interconnected and affected by the touch of us all.


Despite the fact that TV series Numb3rs belong to crime drama genre, it is a rare on the television show suitable for the whole family. Each episode of Numb3rs makes you feel hauled by mystery and suspense. Moreover, it makes you think, use your logic as well as encourages you to have a completely new look at crime-solving mathematic approach. Being clear for even not mathematically gifted people, Numb3rs provides us with the concept to try combining different aspects of life such as law, mathematics and mutual collaboration that usually work out and lead to the problem-solved results.
The main heroes, who are two brothers with really different lifestyles, complement the show with their great play. Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) is an FBI agent, who with the help of his brother, a mathematic professor, Charlie Eppes (Davis Krumholtz), detects a range of crimes. You will definitely find the unusual approaches, presented in the show, enjoyable and Numb3rs, in general, worth watching. 

The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms

This one is a documentary one hour movie, which deals with a bunch of facts and examples of how the world is pun on function with the help of algorithm. Though, it is not as much dynamic and intriguing as the previous suggested TV shows, The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms grabs the viewer’s attention with the help of impressive scientific approaches and explanations in an easy understandable way.
We learn how the algorithm has been mostly associated with numbers, later with computers and phones and nowadays is represented as a step by step instruction we follow every day while travelling, shopping and even falling in love. The movie reveals the idea of the importance of sorting nature of the algorithm, their different types, their ability to influence the future and become even more invisibly essential part of our lives in comparison to present times.
Check on the suggested list of thematic shows and movies. We are here to satisfy your interests.