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Tips to Improve Your Writing

Top tips for better writing

Writing can be of various types: from school essays to business correspondence. Regardless of what your reason for writing is, you’ll find the following tips for better writing to be immensely helpful:

  1. Know your purpose

First and foremost, understand what is the purpose of your piece of writing. For instance, the purpose of a school essay is to communicate information about a certain subject; a letter of application is result-oriented: your ultimate goal is to get hired; and so on. You should keep your purpose in mind or, even better, in front of your eyes throughout the whole writing process.

  1. Make sure your style is appropriate

Inappropriate style can easily ruin your reader’s impression of an otherwise great piece of writing. That is why you should always consider who your target audience is. Just like in real life conversations, you use different styles when you write a report for your manager and a blog article for your friends and other followers.

  1. Don’t skip planning

Never underestimate the importance of planning. In order to write a well-structured and coherent text, you need to create a clear outline, which will help you organize your thoughts and ideas properly. Even if you are writing a 200-word letter, the plan is still very much needed.

  1. Make your writing reader-oriented

Remember, that you write not only for your entertainment or implementation of your writing skills. You do it for other people, in the first place. That’s why you have to make sure that your writing is clear, logical, and comprehensible. Don’t expect your readers to have the same amount of knowledge of the subject discussed, so, therefore, don’t omit information which might help your readers understand your writing better.

So, next time you need to write something, think of these four basic tips which can help you improve your writing significantly.