In case you like computer programming, you are a lucky man. You are one of those rare individuals who are willing to earn good money and enjoy their job. Many people find themselves in the opposite situation. Loving your work is considered to be a modern and a very popular concept among young people. Now, let’s consider the tips.


Effective Tips for Computer Science College Students:

1.    Before you graduate, learn how to write.
2.    Before you graduate, learn C.
3.    Microeconomics should be learnt. Guess when? Before you graduate!
4.    Try not to miss non-CS classes. Even when they seem to be the most boring thing in the universe. 
5.    Take programming classes and learn everything you can
6.    Do not worry about outsourcing.
7.    You should get into the internship program, no matter what happens. 

So, if you understand that you are willing to follow each and every tip provided above, you need to get another piece of advice: try to work on your self-esteem. 

Before you graduate, learn how to write

Remember that all popular software programs became popular due to professional writers and talented speakers. When you pay close attention to the successful programming companies and the way they run their business, you will notice that the most professional programmers speak and write in English in a clear and convincing manner. So, you should strive to achieve the same heights.
The main difference between a good programmer and a successful programmer is not the number of programming languages they know. Remember that a programmer becomes successful when he/she is able to communicate all his/her thoughts and ideas in a clear manner. It helps them to let their colleagues understand how to use their code and there is no need to rewrite it. In addition, the end user can understand the code value only if technical documentation is written correctly. The codes created by programmers who cannot write well become useless and unknown to anyone.     
A programmer will not be hired if he/she cannot write and speak in English. Remember that the management will notice you only if you are good at addressing your ideas in clear English language. 

When in college, take intensive writing classes. Complete all the writing assignments, which you are given, and learn to write well. Yes, it sounds boring but the efforts will pay you back.
You can even start your own blog. The more you practice writing, the easier it will be to write in your virtuous circle. Do not be lazy and start improving your writing skills as soon as you have a chance. 

Before you graduate, learn C 

C is still considered the lingua franca for all successful programmers. They use this language to communicate with each other. It helps to make the communication between the colleagues easier and effective. In addition, it is closer to the machine than all those modern languages such as Python, Java and ML.  
In order to become closer to the machine, a good student should spend minimum a semester. Otherwise, he/she will never have enough knowledge to create a good code. The best programming jobs are considered to be as follows: operating systems and compilers. You can get them only when you learn C. So, remember that C is the basis and you cannot underestimate it.     

Microeconomics should be learnt

Microeconomics is considered to be the most useful foundation for all business aspects. That is why it is highly recommended to learn it while at college. After you are done with microeconomics, start learning macroeconomics, which includes such thing as an interest rate relationship. Yes, it sounds boring but, remember, if you want to get the best job, you need to start from microeconomics. It is your duty to be aware of supply and demand. You should know everything about competitive advantages. Moreover, you should clearly understand marginal utility and discounting in order to realize how business is operated in the industry.
Now you want to know why econ is important for CS students. Well, you will be the most valuable programmer if you know the business fundamentals. The answer is pretty simple, right? Programmer’s idea should make sense in both code and capitalism. In case you show your understanding of all these things, you will definitely be rewarded for your knowledge.  

Try not to miss non-CS classes. 

Everything is simple, if you miss your non-CS classes, you will get a low GPA.
Do not underestimate your GPA. Most recruiters go straight to GPA when they are reading a resume, because GPA shows what professors and instructors think about applicant’s achievements. GPA shows all the midterms and papers, and reflects your classroom participation during the years of studying. The next step recruiters do is asking for any recommendations and transcripts. After that, they pay close attention to the grades you received. And yes, they look at grades for different disciplines, like History.  You may say that History is boring, but why should you be hired if you refuse to perform your duties when they seem to be boring for you? Programming can be boring too at times, you know? You will never be hired if you want to do only interesting and funny stuff.
Sometimes, you should prove yourself that you can do boring things, like taking Anthropology class. If you cope with this discipline and get your final A grade, it means you can do anything and achieve success in your future career.

Take programming classes and learn everything you can

According to the formal logic, every student who receives high grades at college will be hired after graduation. Dynamic logic is almost the same as formal logic but with the time addition. Dynamic logic gives a hope that one may be willing to prove something formally, which is very useful in computer programming.  However, what I am trying to say is that software development and computer science are not the same things. If you have a good software development curriculum, you are a lucky student because many elite colleges consider that teaching practice is the duty of technical institutions. However, you have a chance to study programming at any time and place. 
Unfortunately, we cannot say that there is a whole lot of professional colleges in software development. Consequently, if you dream about becoming a successful programmer, you should major in CS. Well, yes, it is a bit more difficult than software development but Computer Science is considered to be a great subject to major in.  
In addition, Computer Science department offers a number of intensive programming courses. All you have to do is just to decide which one you want to take. You can also take some courses in History department in order to learn how to write properly. You will be given numerous writing assignments and it will help you improve your English language and learn how to write according to academic standards. As I have already mentioned, writing should not be underestimated even if you choose to become a computer programmer.    
There is no need to become upset if you cannot get the point of linear algebra or lambda courses where computer programming is not required. Do not focus only on programming, but try to learn something new. Expand your knowledge in different fields of study. It will make you a really valuable worker in future. You will have higher chances to build a strong and reputable programming career. 

Do not worry about outsourcing 

It is a well-known fact that most of the jobs are outsourced from India. Well, do not worry about it. Just never stop improving your programming skills and you will not be replaced by the outsourced workers.   
Many students do not want to study certain fields just because they heard that most of the jobs are outsourced. Sorry, but I cannot agree with this opinion. First of all, choosing a job on the basis of the current industry situation is not a smart decision. Secondly, computer programming is the best training for various types of jobs, like business process engineer, despite the fact that most of the programmers are outsourced from China and India. Last but not least, professional programmers are in a high demand regardless of their location. You may also hear that many programmers are left unemployed after they graduate. However, please note that good programmers can always find a job and they are in constant demand. In addition, if you are passionate about programming, you are already a lucky person because you will love your job and earn good money. Another advantage of being a programmer is that you will have a chance to control your working day. You can even work from the comfort of your home. There will be no need to wake up early in the morning, go to work and spend all day in the office. Your life will be under your control. You will decide what project you want to work on and how many hours you need to complete it. Believe me, good programmers have numerous advantages.  

You should get into the internship program no matter what happens 

Experienced recruiters appreciate facts in the resume that sound like ‘in the 7th grade they created an effective database for their family dentist’; ‘they studied at summer computer camp before they entered a Computer Science college’; ‘the content management program was created for the local newspaper’; ‘they got into the internship programs at different software companies and have good practical skills’. All these facts are really important for the recruiters. That is why it is important to mention them in your resume. In addition, it will definitely help you to stand out of the crowd.  
So, if you are fond of computer programming, you should avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to your summer job. Please do not take a job that is not related to programming! Every 20 something old wants to earn some money during their summer time. However, you have a unique skill and folding t-shirts in a mall is not what you need to do. You will just waste your precious time. Before you graduate, your resume should list a number of jobs related to programming. So, make sure you are involved in everything connected to computer programming. It will help your future recruiters to notice your resume and make the right choice. You will be noticed and selected as soon as you provide a long list of all your computer internship programs.
Take a summer internship program in a well-known software development company and you will see how good its name will look on your resume. You will get a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about programming and writing codes. In addition, practice is what every computer science college student needs. Do not lose your chance to improve your programming skills. Start searching for interesting summer internship programs today. 

I hope this article inspired you to work and study harder. Remember that improving one’s programming skills is a continuous process. If you want to earn good money and love your job, you have to study and practice. Do not waste even a minute! Everything you do today will pay you off tomorrow.