If to speak about motivation as an abstract noun, we would say that it is some kind of reason that leads people to actions, setting and achieving goals as well as forming particular habits that have a positive effect on our existence in general. At the same time, motivation is something that most people lack in their life as they don’t know what they want or expect from certain situations and even themselves. Though, as the issue of how to get motivated doesn’t have a single solution and requires rather an individual approach, the following tips can be applied by any person, including students, willing to learn how to stay motivated and change life for better.

Look for the source of motivation. Instead of whining about how bad and unsatisfying your position is, or why your group-mate has better grades, or being always depressed because of good luck is not on your side, define your dreams, goals, and desires. A person feels much more comfortable and confident when knows what he/she wants. As soon as you understand your lifelong designation or less limited in time aim, it will keep you motivated.

Change your habits. If you want your life to acquire different direction, start with small changes like your everyday habits. Want to stop smoking? Then, try reducing a number of cigarettes you smoke every day keeping in mind what for you’re doing this. Want to succeed in studying? Reconsider your routine, a number of hours you spend on studying (if you do at all), get more sleep, pay attention to your nutrition and etc.

Define strategies that suit your type of character. Each person is unique, which means that there is no single strategy of how to get motivated or maintain your motivation for a long time. Never try imitating the lifestyle of others with a hope that someone’s formula of successful life or study/work strategy will definitely work for you. Shape, modify and discover in order to reveal your great potential.

Work on your time management skills. Learn to plan and divide your time in a way you can cope with all the duties, tasks, obligations, assignment. Say “NO” to procrastinations and tomorrows! Now is a perfect time to start.

Self-improve in order to benefit in the end. Getting motivated isn’t about one-time action but constant search of your preferences, values, and interests. It is about never-ending process of self-improvement and, sometimes, committing really tedious, time-consuming tasks, which are, however, always backed up by a great idea of lucrative results.

Look for individual ideas, thoughts, habits, strategies that will motivate you and help you in pursuing your goals.