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Top 5 Cartoons to Spend Evening With

If you google something like “the best cartoons ever,” you will certainly find these 5 cartoons in every list. So, choose one of them and spend a great evening with your family.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon

Despite the fact that I have watched this cartoon three times already, every time I manage to discover something new and never get bored. Personally, I consider this cartoon to be the best DreamWorks Animation’s accomplishment. If you are lucky to watch “How to Train Your Dragon” in cinema or 3D, you will definitely get an amazing experience. As for me, it is breathtaking to view beautiful animation from the cartoon in 3D, especially those moments that feature the flights of the dragons.

The plot of the cartoon will fascinate children and adults because it is both entertaining and dramatic. Considering the growing popularity of the cartoon, it is likely to become a series.

  • A shy son of a Viking leader, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, should take part in the ceremony of killing a dragon in order to prove his maturity and warrior mettle.
  1. Kung Fu Panda

Honestly, I have been one of those who made a firm decision to watch “Kung Fu Panda” after the trailer showing Jack Black appeared on the screen. On the contrary, I did not expect that the cartoon would fascinate me so much.

From the first glance, the animation movie seemed okay. It featured decent entertainment that could be appreciated by audience of different ages. But then, there was a great number of funny scenes featuring Po getting into the temple and mastering the art of kung fu. These were indeed the moments of big laugh. In addition, the viewers will appreciate amazing CG animation and excellent voice acting.

Without a doubt, this cartoon is another masterpiece of DreamWorks. As for me, I enjoyed amusement and charm of “Kung Fu Panda” despite the fact that I am not the fan of marital art movies. In addition, Jack Black appeared to be a real fun.

Nevertheless, I do not suggest showing this cartoon to very young children. Although there are many funny moments, the cartoon depicts many fights and scenes of violence. To my mind, the perfect age of viewers is six years old and above.

Synopsis: Passive by its nature, Po the panda is forced to become a kung fu hero in order to save his homeland, the Valley of Peace.

  1. Madagascar

This cartoon receives much positive feedback from adults because it has vibrant bright colors and excellent humor.

While hearing many people praising the animation movie, I have a complaint. The matter is that it will be more interesting for adults than children mainly because of the humor contained in the cartoon. Personally, I laughed to tears when watching “Madagascar” while my son just looked at me with confusion.

The story is about four animals, the lion, giraffe, hippo, and zebra, that escape their zoo hoping to see their homeland, the African island Madagascar. It is worth mentioning that every character is interesting in its own way. Despite the fact that the lion and zebra are the most popular among the audience, personally, I enjoyed hippo Gloria that was voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith. The cartoon definitely deserves watching. As for me, I enjoyed it until the end.

  • Tired of being caged, four animals escape their safe zoo aiming to enjoy the dangers of the wilds of Madagascar.
  1. Spirit

The cartoon features an original look at western civilization from the point of view of Native Americans that are represented in the animated movie by a horse called Spirit. The carton focuses on different aspects of Spirit’s life, such as friendships and hazards it encounters. The presentation of the movie deserves appreciation due to the great diversity of stunning visuals that impress the viewers with realism and depth. In addition, there is amazing music by Hans Zimmer and songs by Bryan Adams. Despite the fact that the message of the movie will not surprise the audience with its depth, the cartoon is still worth watching for all family members.

Synopsis: Being captured by fierce cavalry officers, a wild mustang, Spirit, wants to regain freedom and return to its homeland.

  1. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Personally, I was deeply surprised to see so many negative comments about this movie. I would probably agree that Dave could be played by more suitable actor than Jason Lee, but his acting was still good enough. In addition, no one from the movie cast played his/her role perfectly. On the contrary, the acting is suitable enough for child audience. Moreover, the story is good and filled with many funny moments. The movie also has several moral lessons that are meant for children.

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks, a group of singing rodents, hire an unfortunate songwriter, Dave Seville, as their manager, and their lives change dramatically.

If you have a boring evening ahead, entertain yourself and your family by turning one of the cartoons described above on. Without a doubt, you will have a wonderful time laughing and enjoying bright animation on the screen.