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Top Five Easy Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

The lack of productivity chases you every day, and you have nothing to do with this?  As soon as you find out how to become more productive, it will be much easier for you to manage your time effectively.

How-to-Motivate-Yourself-to-WorkIn order to provide you with productive as well as immediate results here are top five “flashy” strategies upon effective eradication of your laziness and of course procrastination.
1. Plan everything
In whatever situation you are, whenever you face the obstacles, you will understand – having a plan for every situation is a perfect way out of a problem. An easy five P’s rule (proper preparation prevents poor performance) and a short plan for a day will provide you with a perfect living during the next 24 hours. Just take a pen right now and note the most important things you are obliged to complete till the end of the day! The sooner you will get used to doing it, the sooner you will develop this subconscious habit.
2. Separate your tasks
Whether it is a long-term mission or just a small task, it is always better to break it into smaller tasks for easier comprehension and fulfilment. One of the best ways in overcoming laziness is being lazy but in a smart way. It has always been easier to deal with a number of smaller parts of the task, than to struggle with your project as a whole.
3. Limit your time
An extremely productive way for managing time effectively is limiting it. Setting yourself the deadlines will not only create a possibility to improve your efficiency, but it will also allow you not to harm your health. Sometimes, it is difficult to work for a long time, but there are also situations when you do not notice how the time flies. 
4. Fill your breaks with sense
Why not use your time more efficiently – whenever you have a spare minute you should devote yourself to work. Taking up this habit may be quire beneficial, because of cumulative effect: spending 5 minutes for your task will not be enough, however if you do it constantly, then every 5 minutes become an integral part of the task as a whole.
5. Get rid of distractions
You can’t constantly work for 8 hours without any breaks. However, there are several unnecessary factors that can easily be avoided. Facebook pokes, instant messages, YouTube notifications – all these useless pieces of information can be eradicated. Only then you will be able to reach maybe not perfect, but close to ideal productivity level.