Having a bad day is an ordinary thing, we don’t live in a fairy tale. Someone has stepped on your foot; you’ve missed the bus, spilled coffee on your shirt before an important meeting or even dropped down your phone in the toilet.

Transform a Bad Day into a Good Day

It seems like the whole world is against you today. I know what that is like, more than you think, believe me. No matter what does your day feel like, even if it’s a true disaster there are ways to make it at least a bit better. You shouldn’t fall into despair and ‘bury’ the rest of your day. Let’s figure out how your bad day ‘can be saved’ and turned into a good one.

Of course, we can’t control every single event that happens to us, but we can and should decide what our reaction will be, that’s the point. You and only you are responsible for your reaction to anything that occurs, don’t let the environment, anybody, or anything spoil your day and take control of you. Do you have a bad day? Not a big deal, because you have the power to turn it into a good one!

  1. Circumstances should be accepted, but only your reaction is the main point

Your day may be a terrible disaster but I do recommend instead of starting to complain about it, just accept everything as it is, and become responsible for your reaction. When you change the outcome of your day by your positive reaction , you are the winner of this race!

  1. Talk to a friend for encouragement

Sometimes it might seem quite impossible to find the right inner power for our so-called rescue operation. It is about time a friend take the stageJ This close friend is like a fireman who is rescuing you from the house on fire or simply this bad day. Having someone to help you find a positive outlook on any challenge of your joyless days is priceless.

  1. Shower is a saver

I can’t explain this amazing effect the hot shower gives me! It’s something more than just relaxation, water symbolizes a change for a reason. Take a shower and say ‘no’ to all negative stuff of your bad day and step out in a new ‘clean’ mood”.

  1. Find a place for your negatives and get rid of them

A piece of paper is the perfect place to put all your negatives of the day and just throw them away. Why should you keep all that trash? Just jot down every awful feeling or thought and free yourself from the bad emotions by ripping up the paper and throwing it away, believe me, it helps a lot!

Be sure you are walking the positive path; be strong enough to say ‘no’ to any upcoming negatives and be responsible for your reaction that definitely MATTERS the most! Good luck in focusing on the positives!