There are people who have already been to 10 different countries still being a freshman in college. How do they manage to travel so much? The main question is where they get so much money. Today, we’re going to share with you the insider’s tips on how to travel cheap.

8 Ways To Travel As A Broke College Student

Best travel tips

The treasury of the tips for a broke student is hidden on the Internet. Once you learn how to drag out perfect deals, you can visit any corner of this planet. So, here we are:

  1. You can buy really cheap tickets.

No, flights are not always that expensive. Such websites as Secret Flying allow you to score inexpensive tickets. Besides, if you know the low season for the destination country, you save even more money.

  1. Don’t go for a high season

Each region is best in its high season. This is a myth. Try to book tickets to Europe for winter. You’ll be surprised to see the amazing beauty of the European cities covered with snow. Moreover, skiing in the Swiss Alps is definitely worth trying.

  1. Take your friend

This is not just having company; this is saving expenses as well. Just think about it. You can share the bill for the apartment or even food.

  1. Don’t be afraid of Airbnb

This can be a truly nice place, where you can meet people with the same adventurous nature. Learn more about their deals.

  1. Stay away from restaurants and cafes

Eating out eats your budget so badly! Save money buying food in supermarkets and buy souvenirs instead.

  1. Find free tours

They do exist. For example, different European cities hold tours pay whatever you want. You decide how much your guide earns. In such a way, you can spend money somewhere else.

  1. Learn the metro system

Seriously, if you know how to get to your destination, you cut your expenses. It doesn’t take too much time, but it’s a saving tip.

  1. Learn how to arrange a cab beforehand

Taxi drivers play on your emotions and a desire to get out from some place. That’s why you spend a huge amount of money on them. Yet, there’s a way to avoid it. Learn some websites, like Expedia, and arrange a cab beforehand. It will cost far less.