Students face this task numerous times throughout their academic career, having to complete various types of research papers and if you want to be remembered by a professor, you have to stand out. One of the easiest ways to do this is to submit a terrible research paper done all wrong.

  1. Use Wiki. Who needs trustful sources, related to the academic world? Using open source libraries and websites (those, where people can edit information themselves) is much easier. And we all know that finding a good scholar review on the certain subject takes a lot of time.
  2. Copy/Paste. Who needs rephrasing and proper quotation? They will never find out that you have stolen this idea from an expert in the field and you will get away with it! In addition, I’m more than sure that your professor won’t check this paper for plagiarism, so you are okay.
  3. No double-checking. Have you ever heard of cross-referencing of the information you have and double-checking your sources? Me neither, so I guess it’s not a big deal, even if you are writing a research paper on politics or medicine.
  4. Give your opinion. This is you, who is doing a research, so this means you have to give your own opinion on each and every fact, right?
  5. Do not spellcheck. Who needs spellchecking anyway? As if you are not smart enough to do it on your own.
  6. Overestimate your input. Research papers should also include your own academic contribution. Don’t be too shy about it! Let’s say, exaggerate a little bit so that you will be the only smart one out there.
  7. Ignore previous publication in the field. In most academic fields, a lot of sources are outdated, meaning they are useless and boring, and their authors are either old or dead and who cares what they thought on the subject matter.
  8. Write as it goes. Who needs a college research paper outline or any structure at all? It’s your paper, so who cares how you write it.

Okay, I’m done being sarcastic, and now let me help you with some real pieces of advice on writing research papers (almost a complete guide). These will be my personal ideas, so if you need any further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

Writing a Research Paper TO-DO List

  • Read your assignment and think about your topic. Usually, there are some verbs that will give you a hint of what you are expected to do: investigate, enumerate reasons or criticize any given point of view. 
  • Learn before you start. There is a whole article on our website on how to write a research paper step by step, make sure to check it out before you start your research.
  • Do your research in the proper way. Go beyond first 5 positions in Google (despite the common myth that top results are the best ones. Use to look for academic-oriented sources and scholar sources. Make sure to verify whether the author is a real expert in the field, and whether there are any controversial beliefs out there. If you have found an article that can support your research, check the citations and link to it, as you may find some additional references for your research paper.
  • Be thorough in your research. There are so many cases when young scholars failed just because they didn’t research what had been done before them and simply wasted their time duplicating someone else’s work. See if you can access any online libraries or get out there and try your luck with your librarian, I’m sure you will be surprised at of how much help they can be.
  • Plan your research paper. Think of the thesis statement, create your outline and follow the structure rather than your own thoughts.  You can also create a brief research paper template, stating how many pages/or words each part should take. Don’t forget about introduction and conclusion, as they usually take a separate page.
  • Edit. Put your paper aside for at least a couple of hours before you begin editing. It’s a common knowledge that the one who writes does not see the mistakes. So before editing, make sure you take a break. Be as critical as possible about your paper, mark any facts you are not sure about, make remarks and comments as you are going through it. Another great way is to ask someone to review your paper and ask what they think about it.
  • Delegate. On many occasions, you can delegate a part of work in order to save some time. Did you know you can order Literature review or Annotated bibliography for your paper on our website? We will cover the literature published in your field and will help you form a solid ground for your future work. Or you can just use editing and proofreading services for your paper.
  • Check for plagiarism. There are ton’s of services online, which you can use for checking your writing. However, I’d recommend, which is a good instrument for plagiarism detection and doesn’t come with a heavy price tag attached. PLEASE, do not use Turnitin, because the moment you upload your paper, it is added to their database and no explanation in the world would help you persuade your professor you did this specific research on your own.
  • Submit it on time. There is a whole conspiracy theory going around the issue when the proper time to send you paper is, if you’re not supposed to hand it in during your class. Some people truly believe that 2 or 3 minutes just before the deadline is the best time, while others argue this can be disrespectful and say you have to do it at least half an hour before the deadline. I believe that it does not matter when as long as it is on time and you won’t have to deal with your professor because you have failed to comply with the due date.

This is all you need to remember for writing a great research paper and getting an excellent grade. One last trick: try to find out what your professor thinks on the subject, so that you can exploit it in your research paper.

How To Write A Truly Terrible Research Paper

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