Creating a personal narrative essay is quite a difficult task. Your personality is one of the most complicated topics to write about. The task is even more difficult because you have just a few words in which you must convey who you are. However, using some effective tips, you can write an outstanding admission essay that will set you apart from the crowd.

Keys to Writing a Unique Personal Essay

Avoid Using too Complicated Words

Keep in mind that your admission essay should not become a vocabulary test. You do not have to include as many fancy words as it is possible. There is no need to write a thesaurus. Instead, try to use a natural and personable voice while writing. Remember that the members of the admissions committee have an interest towards learning more about the genuine you.

Avoid Writing a Resume

You should understand that the point of a personal experience essay is to demonstrate to the admission officers something deeper than your application does. You have already listed the volunteer work, awards and honors in the application, so do not repeat these things in the essay.
It would be boring to read about the photography award you won. Rather than describing it, write about your feelings when you look through the camera lens. It is beneficial to write about something that the admission officers have no other way to get to know about you. Provide them with the information that they would not find elsewhere.

Be Creative

It is great when you are creative and know how to stand out from the competitors, but remember about the difference between a creative approach and a gimmick. For instance, if you love origami and would like to write about it, creativity offers you to enclose an origami bird with your paper. However, filling the personal essay with glitter would be quite messy. Admission officers will probably smile at the origami bird but curse your name if they receive a glitter bomb.

Tell The Truth

Admission officers constantly read personal essays that are filled with fictional stories applicants think they would like to hear. Such an approach is very widespread and banal. But if you want to impress the reader, you should have the courage to write your genuine story.
Multiple essays that describe mission trips and various awards are not really worthy. Ensure you are writing about something that is original and unique for you. For example, a story about some experience, which taught you an important lesson, would be very brave and exciting.

Use Your Resources

The content of your paper has to come from you, but you can still ask someone for help with crafting. Did you know that one of metrics high schools use for rating their success is the number of students who go on to college? That means your high school has interest towards you to pursue higher education and will definitely provide you with college prep resources. Make sure to use those resources for making the writing process a bit easier.


Make sure to thoroughly proofread your paper when it is ready. Also, ask your parents and school professor to do so. By the time the admissions committee gets your essay, it must be polished and free from mistakes. 

The described above writing tips will help you produce a great personal essay. Consider your essay a fun exercise in introspection instead of thinking of it as of a looming juggernaut which keeps you awake nights. Good luck with your paper!