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Best Writing Tips: Quick Ways to Write Better

Do you feel as if you’ve been struggling to write for some time? Are you unsure what you should do with the next post on your blog?

Even if all these issues seem to be overwhelming, there is always a way out. Learn the ensuing effective strategies that will help you become a better writer quickly.
Fast-Ways-to-Become-a-Better-WriterHow to improve your writing

1. Open with a story. Telling a story right from the beginning is one of the best strategies for writing. Make your reader nod and say, “Yes, happened to me too!” If you start with a story, either real or fictional, you’ll make your post memorable and appealing to everyone.

2. Begin with a question. Have you seen the way I started writing this blog post? I bet the questions I asked resonated with you and made you read the entire post. Do the same with your own posts. Even if you’re not going to give a final answer but only share your thoughts, it’s a good way to catch attention. 

3. Use the first, second, and third persons interchangeably. It should depend on your content. If you’re sharing your experience, use I. If you want to connect with the reader, it’s better to apply you. If you speak from a distance, use he/she/it. 

4. Talk it through. If you’re stuck with your writing, take your voice recorder and start speaking. Walking around your room or in a park will help you. 

5. Begin with the ending. Do it if you’re writing about something specific. Start with a call for action, your main point, your solution, and add expert details.

6. Write about things you know. It can be the way you do certain things, schedule your day, answer questions, communicate, etc. People are different, and something you do regularly can turn out to be new and interesting for others. 

7. Be very specific. Avoid using too many clichés and abstractions.Better use specific examples.

8. When you’re done, delete the first and the last paragraph. Or at least shorten them. After all, the body of your essay is what contains the main point.
9. Mimic the writers you like. Find multiple creative writing ideas from experienced writers. So don’t reinvent the wheel. Just read something someone else wrote.
Remember that writing gets easier with time. So develop this habit, learn to generate ideas, and become a great writer!