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Boston University, a private educational establishment, has about 16,000 thousands of undergraduate students. This university accepts only the best students what can be clearly seen from the available statistical data. For example, for the class of 2022, only 22% of applicants, who were the best students in their graduate classes, havebeen accepted.

The university has developed a special academic curriculum for those entering it in fall of 2018. It offers students diverse educational programs they can enroll on. Certainly, each program presupposes doing different kinds of assignments, projects,Boston university essays included. Those, who have chosen Boston University, have plenty of opportunities for their personal and professional development. At first, doing the mentioned papers may seem complicated. However, withour useful tips, you will definitely succeed.

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Boston University Supplement Essay Tips

  • Clue 1.In case you have any extra material regarding your assignment which you want us to take into account provide it in the PDF format.
  • Clue 2. What do you consider the most exciting about studying at BU?
  • Clue 3. For those enrolling on the educational program in Medicine and Liberal Arts:

The admission board wants to find out more about prospective students.Thus, you have to create an essay clearly stating the reasons for which you have decided to take a course in Medicine, describing your experience, and career aspirations. Ensure that your paper differs from those which you have prepared for other courses.

  • Clue 4. Candidates applying to Kilachand Honors College:

This college offers applicants to take a course in Liberal Arts that demands them to be able to critically evaluate subjects, be aware of different methods of analysis, and be creative. The application paper which you are going to send to this educational establishment should highlight the points that have made your high school education incomplete. Your answer should be upheld with examples. Explain how the very college can help you reach your goals.

  • Clue 5. For those applying to the Trustees Scholarship:

“Please answer to one of the questions given below in the form of a Boston university essay presenting your opinion on the subject.”

Option A: Throughout the history, many publications (e.g. the Bible, Lolita, Kind Lear and others) have been prohibited. According to I. Asimov, any banned publication is worth being read. Provide your viewpoint on the matter. Explain whether it is necessary to ban some publications. What or who should identify the books thathave to be forbidden?

Option B: Economists state that the notion “moral peril” can be described as people’s tendency to take higher risks since they are certain that they will not bear full responsibility for their deeds. For example, some drivers, who have insurance, are more careless than the uninsured ones. Additionally, the latest research has indicated that more people have access to the drug called Narcan. Explain whether the aforementioned notion should pose a threat to public safety. If your response is positive, state what aspects should be taken into account when discussing such issues as public safety and personal responsibility.

Option C: The founder of Google said that an impeccable search engine should be as the mind of God. Will people have an opportunity to find out all the unknowable issues? Does a supernatural search engine can disclose the top secret data? Share your viewpoint.

  • Clue 6. Please compose a short paper conveying the essence of the following statement: “The data that is not provided in a resume.” Tell the board about the issues which you are passionate about.

Clue 1

In case you have any extra material regarding your assignment which you want us to take into account provide it in the PDF format.

The members of the admission committee deal with a great number of Boston university essays. You should not worsen the situation by creating a lengthy piece of writing. If you have some images apart from the written text, include them in the art portfolio unit.

“Extra material” means the data which you could not provide anywhere else, for some reasons. You can provide the information that can help the board learn more about yourself. However, do not cross the set limit.

Clue 2

What do you consider the most exciting about studying at BU?

By answering this question, you need to point out the school features which you find attractive.  Then, explain how those features will make a perfect match for your qualities. Tell how you can benefit from studying at BU.

When applying to BU, find out as much information about the offered academic programs as possible. Consider the following opportunities:

  1. Perhaps you have been dreaming of examining mental diseases. In this case, you can practice in the AMP Lab. Thus, you will have an opportunity to learn more about different kinds of mental disorders.
  2. If you intend to work in the business sector and, therefore, are applying to the Questrom School of Business, you may try to enroll on the Questrom Honors Program. You will have a chance to explore the business subjects which you consider interesting and useful and take part in diverse conferences, meetings, etc. When producing your application essay, remember to mention your experience in the business area and give reasons for choosing the very school.
  3. In case you have decided to study abroad, you may try to enroll on one of the abroad programs offered by the University. If you desire to study in one of the Francophone countries, you may try to join some educational programs in France, etc.

If you have completed a summer program established by the university, remember to mention it in your work. Ensure to provide detailed information about the peculiarities of that program. Perhaps you have attended some galleries or seminars, or you were lying on the campus lawn dreaming of your studies in BU.

Certainly, one can talk about Boston in a broader sense.When producing your admission essay, you can say that Boston is a developed urban area you crave to live in. Additionally, you can state that Boston differs from the city you are from and explain what exactly makes Boston the place you would like to escape to.Nevertheless, the city should not be your primary focus. Your essay has to be concentrated on the beneficial points of BU.

Clue 3

For those enrolling on the educational program in Medicine and Liberal Arts:

If you are absolutely sure about your decision to become a doctor, you need to enroll on the BA/MA program suggested by Boston University. When writing your application paper, you can talk about the research and clinical expertise you would like to gain. Note that you may be required to respond to a few questions when creating your admission paper. It is important to be very attentive when reading the given questions, as each of them has to be disclosed fully.

If you have firmly decided to get a degree in Medicine, make sure to emphasize it in your application that has to be fully concentrated on BU. In case you intend to send your application essay to a few educational establishments, you can always adjust it to each of them by introducing the required changes.

You may ask, “How to craft a stunning application paper?” First, you should justify your decision on becoming a doctor. Describe your values and qualities that will help you become a good specialist.

As to the values, you should mention the key features that make a professional doctor. Here it goes about complete dedication to work, patience, altruism, serious challenges and a deep desire to help others make their lives better. Try to establish the connection between your personality and all the mentioned features, and attractively present it in your essay.

You should also provide information about the expertise that influenced your decision to join a medical profession. For instance, you have conducted some experiments in the laboratory or did research on some medical topics, etc.

Note that the gained experience and undertaken activities mentioned in your application should not be just listed in your essay. Try to transform your writing project in an effective tool for presenting yourself to the committee. Specify the points that have strengthened your motivation to become a doctor.

When preparing your paper, you should avoid providing clichéd explanations about why you have selected such a profession. For example, you should not write that you have decided to major in Medicine because one of your relatives worked in a hospital. Still, if you consider such information meaningful, present it in your work but do not make it the core of your paper.

In the final section of your paper, you should tell the admission officers about your expectations from the picked profession and explain why you consider it superior to other jobs. For example, you may stress that clinical research as well as communication with patients are what interests you the most.

Hand in your piece of writing.

Clue 4.

Candidates applying to Kilachand Honors College:

In this section, you need to talk about the way you see perfect college education. The Kilachand Honors College is a very demanding additional educational program to that suggested by Boston University. That is why if you adore exploring different subjects and desire to totally immerse in studies, this college is right for you. By attending it, you will have an opportunity to study various academic disciplines and learn more about the areas you are interested in.

The first thing you need to do is find out what academic program this college offers. Once a specific program is selected, make sure to learn more about it so that it is easier for you to customize the curriculum to your needs. It is clear that you will desire to find out more about the academic disciplines you will need to take, the seminars and lectures you will need to attend and all the coursework you will need to do. All this process has to be described in the first part of your essay. Do not forget to tell the board why you can hardly wait to go to the first seminars, start doing first scholarly projects and discussing the issues of cardinal importance during classes.

In the second part of your essay, you are required to talk about your previous education, the drawbacks of your academic curriculum and other negative aspects connected with your studies. It is highly possible that you had a very demanding academic schedule as the majority of subjects on the curriculum were determined by the state and the established academic standards. It means that during high school years, you were supposed to deal with boring subjects and take a large number of complex tests such as AP, SAT, and others that made the whole educational process arduous. Such standardized education cannot contribute to the development of students’ creative and critical thinking, and improvement of their knowledge. To make your story reasonable, you can give some examples, i.e. tell about the lessons in English, Literature, Geography, etc. that drove you crazy. You could not even imagine that lessons could be so boring.

When talking about your unpleasant academic experience, you need to emphasize that Kilachand College offers rather engaging and useful programs. You are looking forward to attending practical classes where you will have an opportunity to enter into a lively round-table discussion with your peers about climate changes, serious problems with water resources, digital future, etc. Perhaps you like interacting with others, studying some psychological issues, the processes taking place in a human brain and other health relating matters. The chosen college will give you a chance to fulfill your dreams. You will not only learn the material you have to know to become a professional in your area but also get a great pleasure from the educational process.

One more point that can make your application paper more solid is mentioning the community facet of the academic program. You may tell that during the high school years there were no group of people committed to studies and self-development. However, you are sure that the Kilachand College will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with a large number of interesting and intelligent people who are focused on studies as they consider education very important.When producing your piece of writing, you can stress that being a part of an educational environment, the one offered by the Kilachand College, is essential for your personal and professional development.

Finally, your essay should definitely have a section highlighting your aspirations and the things you enjoy doing. Remember to mention your educational objectives and the way the chosen academic disciplines can help you achieve them. Perhaps studying just your major, e.g. Medicine, is not your sole aim. Maybe you desire to find out more about the technology for producing different kinds of pills and the way they are stored. Perhaps you want to combine studying Architecture with that of History to learn more about architectural styles prevailing in a specific historical era. Maybe it could help you create your own architectural style or invent a new building technology.

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Clue 5

For those applying to the Trustees Scholarship:

It should be admitted that the Trustees Scholarship is considered the most distinguished one which can provide about 20 students witha full ride. You should know that the very scholarship has always been very popular among the students. Therefore, if it really matters to you, make sure to mention it in theBoston university essay examples which you are going to send to the chosen colleges. Keep in mind that your application papers should not only highlight your academic targets and professional aspirations but also your moral qualities so that the admission committee could form a complete picture of your personality.

You may say that 600 words (the requirement you need to meet when writing your application paper) are not enough for vividly describing your identity and building a reasonable piece of writing. You may be right; however, you will still need to create such a work. That is why try to be precise when expressing your ideas and do not deviate from the topic. Avoid making overestimations and using vague expressions. The best way of creating a worthy application writing project is to clearly respond to the posed questions. If you believe that discussing a particular philosophical issue in your essay will help you outshine other applicants, go for it. However, bear in mind that the matter you are discussing should be presented from a new perspective. Your statements and opinion have to be backed up with compelling evidence. When preparing your essay, it is essential to find the golden mean between your thoughts and academic terms.

One more hint for you to followin the course of writing is to be tolerant. You do realize that readers may have another opinion about the subjects you are discussing in your application essay. Therefore, try not to be too categorical. The prompts you need to cover are formulated in a way to stimulate your critical and logical thinking, creativity, analytical skills, etc. If you are uncertain about the correctness of your response, do not state it is right and the only possible.

You should not get concerned if you think you are unable to answer the given questions in the best way. The purpose of essay prompts is to confuse even the brightest applicants. Thus, you need to pick the subject that interests you most of all and start discussing it.

Clue 5. Option A:

Taking into account all three options comprising this clue, this one must be the most biased due to the listed books, i.e. the Bible, Lolita, King Lear, etc.as well as the BU’s position on the freedom of learning. The point is that these publications that have been prohibited before are now read by a large number of people and everyone has their own viewpoint on each of them and their own reasons to read them. Boston University is known for its concepts of freedom of learning and wide availability of information to everyone. In addition, the mission of the university emphasizes its dedication to Liberal Art the word combination originating from the Latin word “liberalis” meaning “free.”

Even if the mentioned educational institution gives itsapplicants a possibility of openly expressing their opinion about diverse books, it is still complicated to give precise answer to the question. There are still some limits one should stick to when discussing the query. You need to remember that your response should not be offensive or call someone to illegal actions, in other words to break the law. Before developing the prompt, you need to carefully consider the words and expressions you will use in you writing. If you think that censorship should exist, determine exactly the extent which each of the books can reach in terms of censored content.

If you intend to provide citations to support your claims, make sure to use up-to-date sources.Note that you can find many examples illustrating the hostile attitude towards different publications. History describes many cases of burning books because they were considered wrong. You can use such examples to make your arguments more powerful.

It is necessary to admit that free speech is the point which all educational establishments are currently focused on. Hence, when composing your paper, you are also required to shed light on the notion of “free speech” from your perspective. Quite often, different educational institutions have been criticized for asking applicants to examine the same topics all the time. This aspect should be also covered in your work.

Clue 5. Option B:

Discussing moral perils in terms of Economics (the subject this option is concentrated on) is not easier than the free speech. In order to fully disclose the matter, you need to either thoroughly explore it on your own or be well aware of the peculiarities of the political economy. At first sight, the question highlighted in this option seems rather specific. However, there is too much information to be discussed.

When talking about the moral perils and its influence on the society, you will need to define the role of government in solving the problem. You will need to examine whether the public organizations should take more active part in determining moral and ethical norms which everyone should conform to not to damage other members of the society. Should politicians implement more effective measures to limit the access to Narcan (the drug) if they are sure it will decrease the number of those addicted to it? Perhaps more freedom should be given to people to see how the state of things will change?

Such notions as “public safety” and “personal responsibility” are theissues that have political background are rather tricky in their nature. Therefore, when talking about them, be careful not to find yourself in a dead end. Bear in mind that all your statements and theories have to be supported with strong arguments, concrete facts, and good examples.

Clue 5. Option C:

The questions given in this option are the ones which people try to find responses to.

If you think that the perfectly devised search engines will give people access to all the available information, you can make your essay focused on the way the search engines will be developing. Additionally, you may highlight the points that make the future search engines unique. What is the place of people in the society where artificial intelligence prevails the human one?

In case your opinion is opposed to the aforesaid, your essay has to be concentrated on traditional philosophical notions such as the sole, morality, etc.In order to make your work credible, you can present the scientists’ (for example) viewpoint on the limited access to the information in relation to their research area.

When talking about search engines and other technologies designed to make people’s lives easier, you need to consider the consequences of such rapid technological development. Will people’s lives change with those modern technologies and gadgets? How? What does it mean to live in the world completely dependent on machinery? You should end your piece of writing with a firm concluding statement presenting the thoughts of the one living in the society. Tell readers whether it is better to live in a technologically driven society or not.

Clue 6:

Please compose a short paper conveying the essence of the following statement: “The data that is not provided in a resume.” Tell the board about the issues which you are passionate about.

Here, you should not enumerate your achievements and accolades. Your task is to tell the committee about the activities which you are passionate about. Write about the things that can help the board see your strong points.

You should not think that writing about your hobbies or passions is something mundane. On the contrary, your avocations are the very things that can help you fully express your personality.

Boston University Supplement Essay Sample

It is the dream of every young American to access the best quality education in the best university. My dream has always been to find an institution of higher learning where I can access the best quality education in business administration. At the Boston University School of Management, I hope to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. They have the best teaching methods and the required resources to bring out the best in one. Their teaching program entails collaborative teaching and group work that encourages teamwork. This will serve to hone the skills I already have, especially with regard to teamwork. Being a member of my school’s football team has helped me learn a lot about this. Being educated at the Boston University will help me further these vital skills, especially with regard to business administration. I believe that Boston University will be able to quench the thirst in me; a thirst for education.

Few universities in the world suit my criteria for a good business school. Boston University is one of the few. The learning environment at Boston University will enable me become the businessperson and executive I have always yearned to be. The institution has a career centre, which was set up to bring the best out of students, particularly in the field of business. It helps students in career-related activities such as writing resumes. It also gives students tips on internship. In addition, the career centre exposes students to practical interviews to prepare them for what awaits them in the real world.

At Boston University, you find the best research equipment and staff to help you in your quest. The Carnegie Classification of Institutions places Boston University among the highest level researching institutions in the country. The University is famous for its advancement in the field of research, including the School of Management. This fits in with my plans. I would like to be a part of an institution that will lay a good foundation for me to have broad-based knowledge in my field. My admission to Boston University will play a vital role in the realization of this dream.

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