How to Write an Effective Business Proposal/Letter

When you are in business, you always care about how people will treat you. In terms of this, effective communication can serve you as a key to promotion, while a well-written business development cover letter will be your guide into the world of successful people. Writing business letters and formal proposals has a huge importance which cannot be underestimated; therefore, you cannot neglect even the aspects which seem to be minor, such as formatting, clarity of the content, and concise presentation. Only following these requirements, you can help the audience follow what you say and develop a favorable attitude to you as to an expert.

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  1. Correct formatting

It can be a business proposal letter for partnership or any other type of letters; however, you should format it correctly. With your name, contact information and address on the letterhead centered at the top, the letter will look professional. In case the company has no letterheads, it is appropriate to have the name and contact details typed in the upper right corner. Place the name and address of the recipient two lines below in the left corner. The date should be either on the right or centered below the address of the recipient. A “Re:” line is placed to the left below the date. The topic should be presented clearly and concisely. For instance, if the letter is about the proposal to be made, you can state, “Re: Proposal to have partnership extended.”

  1. Formal greeting

There are certain requirements to the letter salutations. Formal letters should start with greetings that include the recipient’s proper titles: Dr., Mr., or Ms. It is recommended to avoid addressing a woman as Miss or Mrs. unless it is discussed with her beforehand. According to the standards, the greeting is followed with a colon, for example: “Dear Mr. Green:”

  1. Background details

The first paragraph according to a partnership letter format and other standards should contain background details. For instance, in the follow-up letter after the meeting, it is necessary to include brief discussion of the topic of that meeting. In case of a proposal submission, the first paragraph should briefly summarize the main ideas to help the audience get an insight into the topic.

  1. Statement of the goal and expected action

You how to write business proposal well if you can present the objective of the letter and your expectations clearly. Any proposal should include specific details which can be understood without any extra explanations. For instance, a business arrangement proposal is supposed to contain the basic terms. Furthermore, it is important to request for the recipient’s follow-up. In case you expect a deadline extension, a refund, or any other particular action from the recipient, it should be mentioned at the beginning of the letter. Moreover, all potential benefits for the recipient should also be stated in the first paragraph of the proposal.

  1. Expressing gratitude

A business proposal cover letter should be closed with expressing gratitude for the time and consideration of the recipient as well as the encouragement for further contacts and communication.  The final line with such phrases as “Yours truly” “Sincerely yours” is followed with a comma. Place your name several lines below to leave some space for the signature above the name.

  1. Supporting documentation

Include all extra documents denoting them as “enclosures:” to the left below the signature. Provide the whole list of enclosures included.

How to Write a Submission Letter to a Business

Except the proposal letter format for project, you may need a submission letter when you need a business to consider your ideas, to carry the product, or do the publication. Referred to as a query letter, it is supposed to contain substantive details regarding the submission and draw the attention of the business owner to the presented information. If you can achieve this, it is more likely that you will receive the needed response.

  1. Standard formatting for business letters is used. Do not forget to use a letterhead; otherwise, you have to place your details and name in the right corner. Even if you know how to write a good proposal for a project, you should follow the minute details of proper formatting to gain the best results. The name and contact details of the business owner go on the left side two lines below your address. A date is typed on the left side two lines below the address of the business owner. The line “Re:” is used for giving information about the proposal topic. According to the standards, title case is used. For instance, if you need to contact a newspaper, you may have a line like that, “Re: Proposal for Newspaper Article about Healthy Food.”
  2. A one-sentence summary is a great start for a business proposal letter to client or your submission. This one line can be like this, “I am enclosing a narrative about the effects on junk food and healthy food on the children of the school age.”
  3. Detailed information is provided in the additional paragraph. A business proposal cover letter, for instance, covers the submission of a handmade jewelry to a store; then, you can state, “The provided jewelry made of metal and polymer clay and metal is inspired by nature. Most of my works have trees, flowers, trees animals included.” Thus, the recipients will know enough to get the understanding of the submission content.
  4. The following brief paragraph devoted to the background should be relevant to the submission. It is wrong to include extra details not relevant to the topic. Your life story can be included only if your background has unique details which add to your qualification in the discussed topic.
  5. The closing paragraph of the letter explains your expectations regarding the readers’ reaction and further actions. You may tell them where they can buy the product, which rates they can use for the purchase, or provide them with any other pertinent details. The final phrases, such as “Yours truly” or “Sincerely,” are followed with the signature.

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