1. One of the easiest ways to introduce and distinguish yourself among other employees is to write a business report to a company executive. It means that business reporting should be absolutely clear, comprehensive, professional, and free of all kinds of mistakes. Besides, do not forget about objectivity of your writing and backing it up with all recommendations, references and outputs of research. What you aim at is drawing the attention of the executive and impressing him or her with your qualification, expertise, skills and business knowledge.

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  1. Get a clear business report definition and write a clear executive summary. Think of every major aspect and include it into the summary presented in the business report. Besides, add a purpose statement and finalize your report with an excellent overview of all available recommendations. The length of the report will determine whether there will be a table of contents included. It is also possible to add a bulleted section summary, if needed. Looking at the business report, the executive will first of all pay attention to the executive summary; so, make sure that it gives the tone for the whole business report.
  2. Follow the business reports format and include a well-written introduction and core findings. Do not make the introduction too long: it can contain only a few sentences which will introduce the general content. All key findings should be presented in a concise manner to be clear for the readers. Numbers and bullets will be effective here. The report cover template should always be customized depending on the audience. It means that the executive will be your audience, and you should give the key findings on the basis of relevant details only. Make the statements objective and support them with figures and facts. For example, add the results of the surveys and analyze them.
  3. Summarize all the findings in a conclusion section. All types of business reports should have this section brief and supported with the proven key findings. For instance, you can say, “Since merely 65 percent of employees show satisfaction with the benefits package, it is possible to boost the package of internal benefits with simultaneous improvement of the employee morale.”
  4. Add an effective final section with recommendations. A business report template implies having subjective recommendations as one of the most essential constituent parts of a business report provided to an executive. Offer your recommendations by expanding on the presented key findings and corresponding conclusions. Do not only give your ideas; accompany them with explanations and prove that your ideas have the potential to offer problem solutions. What is a business report? It is a document in which the recommendations are connected with the potential benefits, in particular increase in productivity, growth of sales, encouragement of employee morale, and so on.
  5. Make the report perfect. Do the editing and proofreading yourself and also ask somebody else to look it through as well. The price of mistakes will be too high; thus, let your executive read a business report free of mistakes.

How to Write a Business Trip Report

Working on the report concerning your business trip, focus on the idea of the benefits that the company has investing in your travel. How to write a business report so that it would be effective? This is a question which worries a lot of employees, but you have to remember that the managers should read the report and be sure that the following trips will also be cost-effective. Thus, emphasize the return on the investment that the company has made in every report on attending a conference, seminar, or trade show.


All types of business report, except whose which are long and formal, do not require a cover page, an executive summary or a contents page. If the paper is only several pages long, it is better to stick to a memo format with an appropriate heading which states your name, the date, the topic, and the name of the receiver. The organization of the report will be more effective if there are section headings, such as overview, purpose of the trip, costs, benefits, or summary.

Introductory Part

Which is the best strategy to follow when you write a report or an essay? It is to have a great beginning. Place the overview of the facts at the beginning of the report; however, avoid extra details. Typically, the introduction states the purpose of the trip and the expected outcomes. For instance, having attended a trade show in Texas with a lot of meetings, you established good relations with the returning customers and got new ones. This part of the report might state that a business workshop you attended enabled you to learn more about practices in human resources, recruiting employees, developing packages of benefits, and reduction in turnover.

Main Body

The body includes the main content regarding what happened and how you managed to meet the set goals. What is the purpose of a business report? You inform your supervisor about both good and bad things. Do not leave negative details for further discussion, present them right away. The importance of business report is in planning further actions. If you could not meet the expected clients at the trade show, you nevertheless communicated with the longtime clients and found new partners. Provide specific details about the events related to the company goals or expected benefits. Do not focus on the personal benefits; instead, emphasize the interests of the company because of your development.


The report summary focuses on the key aspects of the trip, covering the anticipated further benefits, met goals, total trip cost, company financial benefits, if any, and suggestions for the future. A business report format template implies including specific details regarding the trip benefits. Then it will be not difficult for the superiors to estimate the investment return.

Report on the Expenses

The report should have an extra report on expenses with all details. The business report structure template implies including the total cost of the trip; however, specific details about the meals, airfare, tips, lodging, and travel costs should be presented in the expense report.

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