If you do not know how to prepare a PDF poster, feel free to buy PDF posters online from our reputable and trustworthy service. PDF posters come in handy when you need to advertise a specific product, service or event, inform others of a specific viewpoint or even present a design of a room, building or some other space. Regardless of the fact whether you write the poster by hand or provide a digital version of it, you need to have a clear vision how it will look as a final product and how it will be read and comprehended from beginning to end. As soon as you have selected the poster design, chosen text type, font, and colors, you can start designing the poster according to the following design recommendations.


Design Recommendations to Start Your Own Poster

design recommendations

  1. Opt for a specific image-editing app or a website that will help you create your PDF poster and convert picture to poster.

There is a wide variety of software options when it comes to designing posters, which will enable you to create it in a better-designed way instead of drawing the poster by hand. There are two main options to devise a PDF poster: you can design it in such apps like Paint and Photoshop and then print it out or you can order the poster online and then have it delivered to you via email.

  • If you decide to buy a custom poster, be sure that the online service is trustworthy and reputable. Therefore, read through all the customers’ feedbacks and comments concerning the received services.
  • In case you want to create the poster on your own, make sure to have sufficient time for the preparation as well as for printing out. Make sure you find a suitable printing store, where you can print out the designed poster.
  • Among the most widely used websites used for designing PDF posters are Benngage, Adobe Spark Post, Piktochart, and Canva.
  1. Make sure you decide which size the PDF poster will be and how it will look like.

Whether you buy PDF posters online and then print them out or designing your own poster, make sure you select proper dimensions and sizes of the paper. It is important to know beforehand how large the poster will be so that you will design it accordingly. The text you position there along with pictures and other graphics should well suit there.

  • If you want your PDF poster to serve the role of a flyer, make sure to choose a smaller dimension (such as 28 by 43 cm, or 11 by 17 inches).
  • If you need to put the poster on the walls of your educational establishment, it is advisable to choose medium-sized ones (46 by 61 cm, or 18 by 24 inches).
  • In case the purpose of your PDF poster is for advertisement, movie, whatsoever, then choose large format (69 by 102 cm, or 27 by 40 inches).

In case you cannot clearly envision the location of each constituent part of the poster, use assistance of a PDF poster template. Both online software as well as ordinary graphic apps have templates of posters depending on their purpose, target audience, and other factors, so you are free to use them in case you have difficulties arranging the text and images. With the help of templates, you can customize the text and visuals so together they look good. Besides, the templates allow one to experiment with text fonts, sizes, and colors, as well as with background patterns and colors.

  1. Avoid irrelevant information on your poster and make sure you present the most needed information.

The poster should be easily read and navigated through. When a person stops to read the poster, he/ she should be able to quickly find information relating to the announced topic. If the poster is created with a purpose of advertising an event, such basic information as the date, location and time must be definitely indicated. Besides, in such cases, it is prudent to leave contact information along with an email address and phone numbers as well. If people need to buy tickets for the event, it should be stated along with the set price.

  1. Adjust the font to perfectly match the message of the poster.

The fonts and colors should perfectly match the main message you intend to convey with your poster. In case the message is serious and formal, it would be awkward to use some childish fonts and bright colors. Therefore, make sure the intended meaning of the poster is decisive for the visuals and design you use.

  1. To make the poster more appealing and memorable, add more bright colors.

When you choose a specific color for your poster design, make sure you know what each color means, what message it conveys, and when it is mainly used. For example, bright colors are more energetic and anxiety-evoking; pastel colors have a soothing effect; cool colors are calming.

Some ideas for the usage of colors:

  • If you are creating a poster for a pool party, use some colors that correspond to the theme: blue, green, yellow, and orange would suit perfect as they are mostly associated with summer, sun, and water;
  • In case your poster is designed for some protest whatsoever, the best colors are white, black, and red.

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