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No wonder one in every two students comes to custom writing platforms to buy sample case study paper. To create a quality text a student needs to know industry terminology and possess good technical writing skills. Besides, writing such a paper requires gathering and analyzing relevant data from quality and reputable sources. This means long hours of painstaking work. Furthermore, a student needs to follow a specific case study paper format. There is a definite order of specific sections to be followed. The formatting of the title page and citations also matters. As a rule, such works are formatted in APA or MLA. So surely, a learner wants to buy case study online to use it as a reference and to turn it in to get high grades. Thus, highly qualified case study writers are in great demand these days.

The PrimeEssays.com writing platform works with professional writers with hands-on experience and degrees in a wide variety of fields. Every day these authors create perfect case studies in areas such as business and management, marketing, medicine, social services, criminal justice, jurisprudence, and more. If you allow our specialists to take care of your academic assignment, they will provide you with a high-quality case study paper APA format or any other format needed.

In addition to the peculiarities of ordering custom papers from a legit writing company, in this article, our writers will walk you through the eight steps to take to write your APA or MLA case study paper, the main sections, and the information it should contain.


Case Study Writing Help from PrimeEssays.com

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First, we guarantee the top-notch quality of every paper; be it an exploratory, illustrative, critical, or cumulative case study. We hire only experts with academic degrees and no less than three years of work in the custom writing industry. They are excellent researchers able to conduct in-depth research using academic sources and verifiable data. Each paper is based on conclusions derived from a careful analysis of the information received. Thus, the hired professional will accurately present the problem to be resolved, carefully analyze data to outline all possible solutions and make a relevant recommendation, supporting it with citations and facts.

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Next, we make sure to deliver only original content. PrimeEssays.com is one of the leading writing companies as it offers only unique, individually written papers, essays, and case studies. Each text is created from scratch. Each time our expert takes a new order, he or she carefully reads all instructions and materials sent by the customer. The writer can also contact the student to ask for clarifications or more details if needed. When the final version is ready, it is sent to our quality control department. There, agents screen it for plagiarism using the best plagiarism detection software. The text should also meet all the requirements for the content, length, formatting style used, and the level of writing (high-school, college, university, or master’s).

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Cooperating with us, students feel safe as we have put in place a strict confidentiality policy. The information you pass us is never shared with third parties. No one will ever know that you sought case study writing help from us.

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MLA and APA Case Study Format and Structure

The greatest concern of a new writer is where to start when creating their masterpiece. So, the next eight steps will help students to stay focused and structure their case study properly. Meanwhile, you should always consider the type of your audience, when crafting the paper. You need to know how knowledgeable your readers are, as you want them to fully understand your ideas and solutions to the problem under analysis.

Regardless of the type of case study required, it will have such parts as a summary or synopsis of the case, the key findings, analysis, conclusions, and your recommendations.

You should carefully examine the central claim made by the author of the assigned case. Did they intend to solve a burning problem or provide reasonable suggestions to a specific part of a certain problem?

Then, start examining the findings, discussion as well as logical conclusions. Please, note that these conclusions are just the final thoughts about the case under analysis. These are not your recommendations.

Thus, according to an eight-step approach, your paper should have the following sections:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Findings
  3. Discussion
  4. Conclusions regarding the case itself
  5. Writer’s Recommendations
  6. Implementation
  7. References
  8. Appendices (if needed)

In the first section, you are to present a synopsis that acts as your introduction. In your brief summary, you will discuss the problems and findings of your case study. You also need to present the chosen theory that you use to analyze this case. This section will familiarize the reader with the main parts of your study. Still, you should not provide too much info here. The audience should be eager to read the rest to “reach” the core of the project.

In the second section, the student should present the main problems, detected in the assigned case. The analysis provided here should be supported by reliable evidence. There is a need for primary/secondary research. Use this data to back up the analysis of the issues detected in the case.

This is where you will need to consult the resources such as the website of the Purdue writing lab to make sure you format citations correctly. For the APA case study format, you will mention the author and publication date in the text. For the MLA case study format, you need to provide the author’s last name and the page number, for printed sources. If you choose to buy sample case study paper from our experienced writers, you can not only turn it in but also use it as a sample for further reference.

Remember, in this portion of the text you need to reveal the underlying problems that caused the bigger issue.

The third section’s name speaks for itself. This is a discussion of the central problem and all possible solutions. When composing this part, don’t forget to discuss alternative solutions. Let your readers see that all of the offered solutions have a solid foundation. They are not random. Use charts and graphs to illustrate the tendencies and numbers. Do not forget to cite them properly.

The conclusion will be your fourth part. Here you will present the main takeaways from the previous two sections. Note that opposite to an essay’s conclusion that summarizes the entire paper and comes as the last part of the text, this section is not the end of your paper. You only summarize your first three steps here.

Present your recommendations in the fifth section. You need to decide what is the best solution to resolve the problem. Justify this choice using the theory and research to support your opinion. At the same time, you should maintain the formal tone of writing. There is no place for emotional appeal. Depending on the type of your case study, a call to action may be required. Check the instructions carefully to understand the peculiarities of your assignment.

The part titled “implementation” will present your explanation as to how, by whom, and when the chosen solution strategy should be implemented. This is where you will provide an approximate budget and timeline. Additional info and tables can go to the last section to save space.

Finally, on the bibliography page, you will list all sources used in alphabetical order. This will be a separate page (or pages) of your academic paper.

Appendices mentioned earlier as the last, eighth step, should present any additional data (statistics, images, charts, graphs, maps) used to create your case study, that were not presented in the body of the text.

Thus, we hope that this concise eight-step strategy for writing great case study papers will help you to craft an excellent text. Still, do not hesitate to contact us and buy case study paper created according to your instructions.

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Filling Out the Order Form to Buy a Case Study

It is really easy to place an order on our writing platform. You simply need to fill out the form and pay for your order. In case you have any questions our customer care agents will answer them and take you through the process of ordering a case study.

So, to buy sample case study paper you are to provide the following details:

  • Instructions and specifications from your professor. In case your instructor uses a rubric to grade this assignment, you can attach it, too.
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  • The number of sources required. The hired writer will use this information to create the custom paper. So, try to provide as much info as possible.
  • The deadline. This is the exact time when your document will be uploaded to your account.

We are proud to say that our authors can deliver a great paper even if there are only a couple of hours left. Still, it is advisable not to wait till the last minute and order an essay with a long deadline.

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Now you know that we have hired a team of writers who provide students with professionally written case study papers. Still, you can also benefit from the rest of our services. For instance, if you don’t know how to cite a case study or how to format your text, you can order formatting and proofreading services. Thus, the hired writer will format your paper according to the style, indicated in the order form. When you buy editing services, our professional editor will check your paper and correct all grammar mistakes and other inconsistencies, making your text shine like a diamond. 

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Professional Case Writing Service

PrimeEssays.com offers a professional case writing service and we employ the best writers in the industry. Our writers are conversant with all writing styles and language patterns and they can help with any subject or field of study. It is because of this we are able to provide exceptional case study papers, all written by experts who are proficient, professional, and gifted in their chosen fields.

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Do not forget that PrimeEssays.com offers an excellent writing service with a team of writers whose area of specialization is writing high-quality case studies for every field of study. Our experts are constantly on hand to write a case study for you and to help you succeed in your studies. By choosing us as your writing partner you can expect the best papers from professional custom writers within the shortest time frames.

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