In course of studies, students often have to analyze different issues, categorize them into groups, and present research results in a written form, which represents a classification and division essay. The purposes of writing this type of papers may vary greatly. Students may receive a task to classify sport equipment, group the items of expenditures of a certain company, or deal with other matters. The most important thing is to know what classification methods are and how to adopt them.

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Defining a Classification and Division Essay

A classification and division essay is an uncommon type of academic essay writing that entails classification of previously organized rational and logical connections between specific phenomena. When working on a classification and division essay, a writer is expected to classify the main essay arguments into separate categories indicating the qualities and features phenomena share.

Planning Division Classification Essays

Overall, there are two main steps in planning a classification essay. First of all, a student should decide what exactly he/she will classify. It is advisable to choose an interesting topic one is well-versed in. Apart from having interest in the issue, a student should have solid knowledge in it in order to provide a high-quality paper. Whatever topic one chooses, a student should remember that he/she has to adhere to it throughout the whole essay development. Second, a student has to structure the work on the essay properly. Division classification essays require attentive preparation, when one should to divide the topic into subsections that relate to the ideas within the larger category that deals with the actual essay topic. These divided ideas will help to organize the paper into body paragraphs, where each idea is presented in a separate body paragraph.

An Outline for a Classification Division Essay

The main principles of writing an outline for a classification and division essay are the same as for other essay types. An outline is put before the text on a separate sheet and helps a reader to navigate the essay. An outline is a list of the main ideas discussed in the essay. When writing an outline, students should pay attention to the topic sentences written in the body paragraphs. 

Classification and Division Essay

Writing a Division Classification Essay

Students can look through classification and division essay examples if they are not sure about writing a classification and division paper. The whole process of working on a division classification essay may be presented in one sentence. A student formulates a clear topic, provides background facts in the introduction, formulates a strong and clear thesis statement, decides how many body paragraphs the essay will have, composes strong opening sentences for each of the paragraphs, which identify the main essay subtopics, and comes up with supporting ideas and arguments as back-up evidence for each of the presented ideas.

Actually, students need to take into consideration three important aspects. First, a student needs to apply the information in the essay to the basic idea he/he discusses and ensure that the problem makes sense and is clear to the target audience. Second, all the elements identified in classification and division paper should be analyzed consistently. Third, each differentiated category needs to comprise of sufficient examples and illustrations. With these things in mind, students will provide a premium-quality classification and division paper.

Structuring a Division Classification Essay 

The structure of classification and division essays is similar to other essays. In most cases, it will be a 4-6 paragraphs paper depending on its length and the number of categories analyzed. Overall, there are three main parts in the essay, the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.


  1. Introduction. An essay should start with an introductory paragraph, which identifies the classification a student has opted for. The introduction usually ends with a thesis statement, a detailed description what the classification entails and what it is for. Depending on the paper length, the introduction may also contain some background information that sets the context for the study. Finally, the introduction should draw attention of the target audience.
  2. Main body. When organizing body paragraphs for the division essay, it is advisable to start each of them with a strong and clear topic sentence. As a rule, the opening sentence should include information regarding what each paragraph will deal with. In other words, it provides readers with a brief summation of the core idea. Examples, details, and illustrations provided further in the paragraph should support the topic sentence. When structuring body paragraphs, appropriate transitions are important as they make ideas flow in a logical and structured manner. Moreover, it is important to organize the body paragraphs in the same order as the main ideas were mentioned in the thesis statement. To make body paragraphs coherent, students should make sure to utilize comparisons since they will act as transitions.
  3. Conclusion. This is basically a paragraph where students sum up the basic findings they have extracted from the main body paragraphs. The conclusion should be drawn based on the existing data and facts from the essay. Students may provide an overall conclusion, where they summarize the findings overall or conclude each of the aspects of classification mentioned in the paper. Regardless of the way of concluding, there is a need to ensure that the last paragraph augments the initial reason of the study and justifies the division conducted.

Common Classification Transitions

If you have distinguished five items of classification, you may devote a paragraph for each. As such, you will have five body paragraphs in the main body.

An essential thing to take into consideration when composing a classification essay is that the writer should put forward useful and unique classifications that adequately illustrate each of the divisions by providing clear examples.

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The Nub of a Classification and Division Essay

Assigning students to write this type of papers, professors teach them to critically analyze the categorized things and find the relationship between them. As to the way of writing, a classification and division essay does not differ significantly from the other types of papers, such as term papers. The task of a student is to classify the items of a different character into suitable groups. One more way of preparing this essay is to divide the whole groups of objects into different categories.

Choosing a Topic for a Classification Essay

In order to produce an efficient outline, it is necessary to identify the aim of the essay and its direction. If a complex topic requires detailed research, students should think about the categories that can be defined within their area of study. For instance, if a student studies geography, he/she may think about classifying tectonic plates into groups paying attention to the structural peculiarities of modern Earth crust. One may single out the following categories:

  • Tectonic plates with divergent movement;
  • Tectonic plates with convergent movement;
  • Tectonic plates with transform movement.

In case of exploring an informal subject, a student may write a paper about the things related to daily routine. For example, one may create a list of shops in the area and group then in accordance with the type of products they sell:

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

When writing a classification and division essay, it is rather useful to cite good examples and present one’s own considerations about the discussed matter.

Making an essay outline will help to formulate the classification and division principles. For example, if the paper is about modern literature genres, one may highlight the features of each genre and then present the most famous writers and their literary works.

Classification and Division Sample For Free

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