Essay writing can be one of the most challenging parts of the process of applying to college. Specifically, when working on an application essay, you need to learn how to describe yourself in a logical, brief but detailed way. Moreover, you need to make sure that you do not repeat all the accomplishments and other information that was included in your resume or CV. So, to come up with the best college acceptance essay topics, you need to read the article below and find unique and creative ideas. More so, if you read on, you will be able to identify what topics should be better avoided if you apply for a college.

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How to Choose the Best College Acceptance Essay Topics?

There is nothing more repelling than trivial and clichéd topics for college application essays. If you try to search for some ideas on the websites that have not been updated for more than five years, the topics you come across there will hardly be interesting. By choosing some trivial topics, it will not be likely that you positively impress your professor or application committee. The best advice here is not to be afraid to experiment with the topics and try to describe yourself from some fresh perspective and focus on the aspects that may definitely be interesting both for you and your readers. For example, recall some extraordinary or memorable event that has happened to you or that has turned your life upside down. Stick not only to the general description of the event but rather on how you went through it and how you benefited from it, what lessons you derived from it, etc. Moreover, do not be convinced that only positive events are worth your attention – if you had some negative event or some misfortune that has brought a positive consequence or made you stronger, be sure that you can share such stories, too. 

Better Ideas for College Acceptance Essay Topics

  1. A funny moment you remember about your process of growing up. Describe this event or moment of your life that you consider ridiculous and also pinpoint to how it affected you back then and whether it still has an impact on you right now. For example, one may remember a situation of meeting a person who has been brought up in some wild environment beyond civilization. As such, if you focus on this event, you should definitely describe how you felt and what you thought when you heard a specific story, for example, when a person was raised by the wolves whatsoever. If you have a similar strange story to share about your life, you are welcome to do so. 
  2. Focus on a specific moment. If you have made up your mind to choose some trivial topic as you have no better ideas or creativity to focus on something unusual, think of some specific point of your life and build your story around it. For example, if sport occupies a major part of your life, be sure that you mention it and touch about it in the essay. Specifically, you can focus on some specific point in your life when you became engaged in sport or some memorable even connected with the sports, etc. You may even delve deep into some details and specify exactly what emotions and feelings overwhelm you when you are in the process of playing the game. Another idea what to write about is to think of the role of sports in a broader context – maybe the sport game helped you develop some specific character traits or changed your perspective on life, etc. 
  3. Personality picture. One of the topics that are not usual is when one is asked to describe a specific quirk or peculiarity of his/ her character. For example, if you are a good story-teller and if you can make up an appealing and engaging story on virtually any topic, here you go – just mention this character trait and provide more details about it. 
  4. Immense interest in literature. If you are fond of reading, be sure that you will definitely impress your target audience and admission committee with such intelligence. Your love for books is what can be implemented in any type of essay writing. You may even develop some kind of a philosophical text by focusing on the place reading occupies in your life as well as on its importance. 

What to Avoid in Your Essay?

There are specific topics that should be better avoided when it comes to application essay writing. Specifically, you should avoid elaborating on such topics as illnesses, sex and intimate life, politics, religion, and others. Besides, it is not encouraged to exaggerate some topics or write in a sarcastic or ironic style. It is also recommended to avoid pretending that you have only strengths and that you are totally flawless. As such, you can focus on some weaknesses and drawbacks and pinpoint what lessons you have derived from some tough situations in life or from some life failures. 

The Worst Topics You Could Choose for Your Essay

  1. A game of sports. If you wonder what makes an acceptance essay really successful or surprising is when you hear your reader say, “Wow, great! I have never heard nothing more impressive.” or “I have never heard of a person before who experienced (or did) something like this.” Do you know what everyone of us has experienced before? That is definitely something in relation to winning or losing, so talking about a specific competition, where you could either win or lose, is not actually the topic that would impress someone. Most probably, when you choose such topic dealing with some sports event or other competition, you will later find out that most of the applicants had similar topics. So, if you want your topic and your very essay stand out of the crowd, be prepared that you will have to come up with a more interesting and engaging content rather than merely writing about some sports game or match.
  2. A breakup. Revealing too personal details about you and your private life is definitely a good topic for an essay and some academic discussion. Your professors or the admission committee would hardly ever be interested in when or how you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you want to focus your essay on the topic of a hardship and how you dealt with it, you had better choose some other less personal issues to focus on. Try not to intermingle personal issues with your academic life, and getting into college in particular. 
  3. The mission trip. Every student who has ever had a chance to visit Guatemala, Haiti or Togo is really eager to share the experience of visiting such a third-world country and focus on the experience of getting in contact with that culture and people. Normally, when students choose this topic for the paper, they come to a conclusion that, “Life will never be the same as before.” However, when students overdramatize this experience, they automatically underestimate the other experiences they have had (and even those that they will have) in their lives. Imagine that all students who have the same experience as you do will start writing about it. Will the admission committee be really eager and keen to read such papers? Hardly ever. So, make sure you do not write in general but focus specifically on the changes in your outlook and mindset. If you opt for such a broad topic dealing with some global issue, keep in mind that you analyze it from your own perspective without trying to demonstrate your position as a “savior-like.”
  4. The “different” paper. Sometimes, students tend to overthink and come up not with creative ideas but rather with super awkward or unusual ideas for writing. For example, you may want to write about some casual or routine thing in a strange way so that the reader reveals about the actual message of the paper already by the end of the story. One of the bright examples is a student who has written about the best day of his life and actually focused on the day when he slept till 5 pm. Actually, he mentioned about sleeping the whole day, then eating some cake, watching a movie, and getting back to sleep again. It may sound fun to someone but actually, such paper is about nothing since you will not develop any idea. By aiming to be creative, you may simply hide you real talents. If a professor came across such an essay, he/ she would have probably thought that the student is really lazy. 

Please be picky when deciding on what topic to write your acceptance essay. You may choose your own topic or you may select some ideas mentioned in the article above. All in all, make sure the topic conveys some specific idea and is interesting both for you and your admission committee. 

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