Students are usually pleased to write papers about themselves because it is a great option to explore your own identity. For sure, all people can recall some memorable and joyful moments from their life, no matter how significant they were. Some people can name several instances of precious moments, whereas others would find it difficult to clearly identify one. For this reason, composing a narrative essay may seem to be challenging because stirring up one’s imagination can cause a mix of ideas in the head, which should be carefully analyzed and systematized before writing.

Narrative writing should begin from the prewriting stage. To make it easier to understand what narrative papers include, you should compare their production with creating a story or a tale. This piece of writing includes a careful investigation of the writer’s ideas from specific sides. In order to make readers amused, a writer should present enough details to make readers participate in the narration and become active participants. To reach this effect, a writer ca use specific phrasal verbs, adverbial phrases and stylistically marked expressions. Remember that a narrative paper should include one main idea that is clearly expressed in the plot. There should be an opening paragraph with a clear thesis statement (main idea) to be explored in the paper further.

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Narrative pieces of writing present writer’s previous experience. Therefore, narrations usually sound like a story. A writer should remember that every narrative paper should incorporate typical details of storytelling (setting, plot, introduction, climax, and ending). Moreover, a writer should present vivid episodes and interjections. However, all the details introduced by the writer should be combined under one idea.

A typical narrative essay:

  • Introduces a specific writer’s opinion;
  • Includes facts to back up viewpoints;
  • Presents vivid and colorful details;
  • Contains a number of adverbial phrases and adjectives of attributive nature;
  • Presents personal monologues or dialogues.

Narrative papers can be divided into several types. The most prominent one is a narrative report, which focuses on the discussion of a specific phenomenon. In comparison to essay writing, narrative reports do not require critical thinking. However, still some students cannot gain excellent grades for the task because they do not understand the purpose of writing and the basic elements of narrative reports. A clear example of a narrative report is a book report. It should include concise and brief information about the read text (book), the main characters and the plot, scenes and settings, etc. A good book report should be focused on the discussion of events explored by the author in the text.

Remember that a book report cannot include all details about the book. It is impossible to evaluate every detail in this piece of writing. Students usually make the same mistake and describe too many ideas described in the book, failing to identify the primary one. A writer should not present assumptions and opinions presented in the text. The key question is “What happened in the book?” Still, one should not forget that describing the whole storyline should not take place.

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Before writing a narrative paper, you should think carefully what topic meets your goal. If you have already come up with a good topic, please remember about the following three rules:

  1. Make your reader involved in actions. Sometimes restoring or recalling the event is a good choice to make readers visualize the whole story.
  2. Always include one central idea that will be discussed in your narration. Try to share your experience with readers and make them learn something. Your general idea should sound memorable.
  3. Do not forget about the primary purpose of writing – narrating a story. Always analyze what kind of details you present (if they should be presented at all). Your paper should sound logical, not imposing any inconsistencies.

Peculiarities of Narrative Essays

  • “First-person” narration is allowed
  • A reader should experience the same emotions as a narrator
  • Always include all elements of narration – introduction, plot, characters, climax, and ending

Most Popular Topics in Narrative Writing

  • My first trip to another country
  • My first day at college
  • Complete failure and disappointment
  • The most memorable moment in my life

Do not forget that selecting a good topic is a key to success. We hope that our writing tips will help you create a memorable narrative essay.

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