Students of law schools study contract law as part of their curriculum. Thus, contract law assignment is not an uncommon task for them. Still, these essays are not easy to write. One has to have experience in legal matters related to the chosen area of legislation. Next, most agreements and cases assigned to students come in the form of case studies. Thus, learners have to have good analytical skills to analyze different facts and claims made by every party participating in this type of agreement. Besides, the types of contracts vary. This may also create difficulty for the one who struggles to compose an essay of a decent quality.

To help students complete such a complicated task, our professional writers provide the basic information about contracts and their types here. From this article, you will also learn what writing platform provides quality custom writing services and who you should hire to craft your assignment in contract law.

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Defining the Contract

In the simplest definition, this is a written, enforceable by law, agreement to do or not to do something. The agreement can be made between people, companies, and groups. Contract Law, in general, is a set of regulations and rules that govern the principles regarding contracts. When someone does not fulfill their written promise, a breach of contract occurs. In such cases, the issue is taken to court. There, a judge and contract law attorneys examine the case to find a fair resolution.

Case Review and Critique

Students often seek contract law assignment help from professional writers when being tasked with a case review and critique. This is a complicated task that requires one to carefully study a specific case providing its thorough analysis along with the critique of the case proceedings and findings. When working with such orders, expert writers of PrimeEssays.com strictly follow the case review and critique format. They stay unbiased and maintain a neutral standpoint. Our professional custom writers know that this task involves discussing both positive and negative aspects. In case you cannot cope with this academic assignment, order a well-researched document from us and enjoy high grades and respect from your professor.

If you are determined to write a case review and critique on your own, here are the main steps to follow. In the body of your text, discuss the background of the issue under analysis. Provide your audience with the information they need to know to understand the case. Next, indicate the relevant law. Determine the other cases that might be important. Present authoritative interpretations of the relevant law. In your conclusion, rely on the opinion of scholars and relevant sources. Do not present your own opinion. Explain what the law says regarding this case.

Contract Law Case Studies

As it was already mentioned, most agreements and cases students discuss in class are case studies. Thus, the written work should also follow the contract law case study format. When our expert writers complete such custom papers, they present the case in the introduction, along with the most important facts and their thesis statement. They always identify and highlight the issue that should be resolved. Next, professional writers determine the relevant rule of law. Then, they make sure to analyze the case from different angles, conduct research to gather facts, and identify the best solutions. Finally, in conclusion, PrimeEssays.com authors provide their final verdict. The conclusion is built on the reasons why an issue was raised, based on the rule of law and the judgments of the appropriate case laws. It is not easy to present a brilliant paper, so students often buy contract law case studies from our legit custom writing service.

Contract Law Question and Answers Assignment

This type of work is aimed at testing students’ theoretical knowledge. As the name suggests, one is required to answer a set of questions pertaining to contract law. When providing their answers, students should use relevant case laws or statute laws. They should correctly identify legal issues raised by the question, define and explain relevant legal principles or concepts, and apply these principles/concepts to the given facts. The answers should be accurate and well-structured. At first glance, this task may seem easier compared to case study writing but this is a deceiving feeling. In reality, here law students are expected to display their knowledge of the various branches pertaining to contract law. Often, they are required to read several books and textbooks to get ready for this assignment. Thus, lack of time becomes the main reason for not completing various essays before the deadline and poor content of student papers. In case you are one of such students, do not hesitate to seek help from our professional writing service.

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How Can Custom Writers Help with Contract Law Assignments

At PrimeEssays.com we hire only professional custom writers with academic titles and degrees in different fields of expertise. Thus, when a client comes to buy a contract law assignment or case study from us, we give the task to an expert with a law school degree and no less than three years of experience in academic writing. This way, we can guarantee that the final paper will be perfect both in form and content. Besides, our custom writing platform guarantees:

  • Total privacy and confidentiality. We diligently protect the data you provide to us from external attackers and never share any information or facts with third parties. Thus, it is always safe to buy essays from us.
  • Only unique content. The writer you hire to work on your assignment will compose a paper from scratch. All direct and indirect citations will be properly formatted and presented only to support the author’s (your) claims. The final version of the paper will be checked with a plagiarism detection tool to make sure the content is completely original.
  • 24/7 assistance. Our customer care agents work in shifts to stay always online. There are writers who accompany every shift. Thus, we are able to address every writing need and provide help any time, be it day or night. Use live chat, e-mail, or messages to contact us.
  • On-time delivery. The deadline the client sets when placing the order is a moment when they will receive their paper. We never miss the scheduled deadline.
  • All types of written works in all disciplines. In addition to completing law assignments, our writers create papers in other disciplines. With a pool of well-educated experts, we cover all disciplines, from nursing to geography and from history to arts.
  • Pocket-friendly papers for students. At PrimeEssays.com there is a perfect balance between the cost of an essay and its quality. Thus, we are able to ensure supreme writing quality while keeping the services affordable for an average student. We will not overstretch your pocket.
  • Free revisions for your assignment in contract law. We are ready to deliver a perfect paper. Still, if you feel that some details should be changed, you can request a free revision within 48 hours of the deadline. Your writer will do it at no additional cost.
  • A preferred writer option. We offer our clients a unique service. This is an ability to choose the writer whose work you like the most to complete assignments for you. Just save the ID of the preferred professional and insert this number when filling out the order form next time.
  • Editing and proofreading services. Being a legit custom writing platform, we offer students to hire our expert writers and editors to check, proofread and edit their papers. This is the best way to make sure your masterpiece is polished to perfection.

Besides, we offer students numerous discounts. If you are a first-time customer, you can order a paper with a 10% discount. Every client can also make use of our seasonal discounts. For regular customers, we offer the following system of discounts. If a student has ordered 30 pages with us purchasing different papers like contract law assignments, case studies, essays, and research papers, they are eligible for a 5% off for the next orders. When they reach 50 pages, they become eligible for a 10% discount while having ordered 100 pages totally gives him or her a 15% discount.  

Thus, there are many reasons to seek contract law assignment help from our professional writers.

Basic Types of Contracts

There are several main types of contracts:

  1. Bilateral contract. This is the most widespread type of contract. It says that both parties promise to take a certain action and fulfill their part of the agreement.
  2. Implied. This type of contract presupposes an obligation that arises from the actions, circumstances, or conduct of one of the sides to an agreement.
  3. Express contract. In this case, the sides exchange promises and announce terms to which both sides are bound, with conditions being declared either orally or in writing.
  4. Unilateral. According to such an agreement, one side of the contract is obliged to take an action or actions only when the other side performs its part of the bargain. If the other side is unable/unwilling to fulfill its part of the agreement, then the first party is not obliged to take any actions. When passing us the requirements for a contract law assignment, students often stress the fact that they have to analyze cases involving unilateral contracts.
  5. Adhesion contract. This document is written and submitted by the party that will have the greater advantage in the negotiations, thereby giving the weaker party a chance to adhere.
  6. Unconscionable. This form of agreement is severely one-sided and unfair to one of the sides to the extent that it is deemed unenforceable under the law. Being assigned the case involving an unconscionable contract, students often seek law assignment help as such cases are often hard to analyze.

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Special Services for Perfect Contract Law Assignments

When seeking help with a contract law assignment you may want to also benefit from additional services. For instance, you may want your essay to be written by one of the PrimeEssays.com Top-10 writers. In this case, our agents will find you the best professional with a law degree. There is also a possibility to hire one of our best editors to proofread the paper. Opting for VIP support you automatically make your order a number one priority for our customer care and writing departments. We will assign an expert with relevant knowledge to work on your order asap. All your questions will be immediately answered. Our agent will keep an eye on your paper at every stage of writing. An additional plagiarism report with detailed explanations from an editor can be delivered to you in case you order this service. You will receive SMS notifications about each stage your paper goes through if you choose this VIP option. Also, you may want to extend the time availed for a free revision of your contract law paper from two to four days. For this, you should simply choose an extended revision option.

These VIP services are meant to make our cooperation with customers even more fruitful and pleasant. We want every student to become our return client. Thus, if you order a contract law assignment help from us today, you will never regret it. Customer satisfaction and academic success are our top priorities!

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