Most law students know that it is the job of corporate lawyers to represent the whole corporate entity. Meanwhile, others often tend to think that such lawyers protect the interests of separate people within a particular organization, such as employees or shareholders. It is not true. While strictly speaking such a lawyer works to advise his or her clients on their duties, rights, and responsibilities, when being hired by a company, the corporate lawyer treats the entire corporation as one client. This job requires one to be attentive to details and hard-working. The person should also possess excellent communication skills, numerical aptitude, good analytical and problem-solving skills, business awareness, and an ability to maintain confidentiality. Of course, these skills should accompany the main trait – perfect knowledge of corporate law. 

Thus, law students are often asked to write numerous business law papers aimed at deepening their knowledge of corporate law and bringing their writing and critical thinking skills to perfection. In order to help students understand the peculiarities of corporate law lawyers work and empower them to craft good law papers on business and corporate law, our professional writers have created this article. Here, you will find the list of interesting business law essay topics and learn where a student can hire an expert writer to get a neatly written custom law paper.  


Corporate Lawyers and Their Main Skills

The profession of a corporate lawyer requires one to be quick-witted and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, as the professional will work with transactions and deals of a certain corporation. Meanwhile, the character of transactions differs from business to business. The type of industry, the character of the markets in which the company operates, and the size of the firms involved form these differences. In addition, it is recommended for a corporate lawyer to become an expert in different areas of law as corporation law touches on various regulatory, transnational, and business-related matters. Moreover, corporate lawyers often have several clients in different industries. This way, they have to know all the intricacies of those specific industries. Otherwise, a person should choose to specialize in a specific niche area.

Needless to say, a professional who works in this sphere must have proper drafting skills and the ability to ensure maximum value for their clients. This means one should have a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, flexibility, and of course, a service mentality. This is where the art of interpersonal communication comes in handy. Unfortunately, students have little possibility to develop these qualities by simply writing corporate law essays. Thus, finding a job as a corporate legal intern is also important. 

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What Do Corporate Lawyers Do

While people often imagine corporate lawyers in courtrooms defending the interests of their clients, this rarely happens in real life. Quite the opposite, these experts mostly work to make sure the corporation avoids legal risks.

Thus, most of their time corporate lawyers work with:

Corporate governance. Lawyers aid their customers in creating the overall framework for controlling and guiding the company. This includes creating the articles of incorporation and bylaws, helping corporate officers and directors to outline their rights and responsibilities, among other policies that help manage the firm. 

Contracts and agreements. On behalf of the firm, lawyers draft, review, and negotiate all kinds of legally binding agreements from lease contracts to multi-million dollar deals.

Securities. Professionals help their clients to adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to trading securities. This work includes putting in place regulations meant to prevent insider trading, fraudulent behavior, and market manipulation. At the same time, these regulations must promote transparency in publicly traded companies.

Mergers and acquisitions. Lawyers carry out due diligence, negotiation, project preparation, and general oversight of agreements that include a “merger” of a corporation with another firm or the acquisition of another business.

Venture capital. Answering the question ‘what do corporate lawyers do’ it is necessary to mention their role in helping new or existing companies to raise money for building or expanding the business. This involves both, public and private financing.

The majority of corporate lawyers work in the respective departments of middle-sized and large law companies. Some specialists focus on specific areas of corporate law such as venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

In-house lawyers work in the legal departments of large business corporations. This gives these professionals a possibility to get to know the specifics of their clients’ work really well.

Today, there exists a cut-throat competition in this field. Thus, students should do their best to graduate with the highest possible grades and excellent part-time work recommendations. Those who face time constraints and are loaded with multiple assignments can rely on legit and professional writing services outsourcing their corporate law essay assignments to expert writers. Custom writers working for PrimeEssays.com hold MLS, MDR, JD, LLM and even SJD degrees thus, they are able to complete academic assignments of any complexity. Thus, feel free to choose one of the business law essay topics presented below or pass your instruction together with a topic from your professor to one of our expert writers and wait for an excellent paper delivered on time.

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Business Law Paper Topics

Check the list of the most relevant business law paper topics from our experienced writers. You will surely find a theme that really interests you.

Legal Research Paper Topics

  • The law of property: its nature and impact on business
  • Corporate laws and regulations and intellectual property rights
  • Business laws pertaining to bills of exchange, promissory notes, and cheques
  • Protecting industrial designs: relevant legislation
  • Global uniform laws
  • The impact of legal interpretation on compliance with corporate regulations
  • Tort law and its relation to business
  • Discuss the naturalistic approach to law
  • Contemporary problems and trends in corporate law
  • Discuss the influence of legal positivism on corporate law

Easy to Write Business Law Essay Topics

  • Discuss the doctrines of equity in corporate law
  • Discuss different types of business law
  • The main differences between the corporate and business law
  • Discuss why should corporations include corporate legal departments
  • Compare corporate law to other areas of law practice
  • Discuss the sources of commercial law
  • Discuss the importance of the constitution for shaping business laws
  • The impact of African customary law on commercial laws
  • How does business legislation relate to the ethical and moral principles of a given society?
  • Business law: stages in the legislative process
  • Discuss the relations between Islamic law and commercial regulations

Interesting Ideas For Corporate and Business Law Term Papers

  • Describe how business laws apply to human legal entities
  • Discuss the effectiveness of business legislation in addressing cyber espionage issues
  • Discuss the influence of citizenship, domicile, and nationality on commercial laws
  • Discuss the rules of defamation and their relation to the work of corporate lawyers
  • Unincorporated association and its relation to business legislation
  • The aspects of vicarious liability in business
  • Discuss how cooperative societies influence the formation of commercial legislation
  • Is there a lack of corporate lawyers in the United States?
  • General measures to be put in place to avoid the unintentional violation of corporate legal compliance 
  • The role of cybersecurity in mergers and acquisitions

Current Corporate and Business Law Essay Topics

  • Discuss the general principles of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) in business
  • International commercial law conventions: their ratification and barriers
  • Corporate negligence: handling the case in the High Court
  • Discuss the relationship between administrative and business law
  • Compare and contrast commercial laws in governmental and non-governmental entities
  • The role of the Employment and Labour Court in upholding commercial laws
  • Discuss the doctrine of separation of powers
  • Highlight the natural justice principles and their relation to commercial legal compliance
  • The role of the judiciary in the corporation law

Original Corporate Law Topics

  • Explain the peculiarities of an HP agreement
  • Adhering to corporate laws: is there a need for special law enforcement agencies
  • Conditional/credit sale and hire purchase: similarities and differences
  • Contract breach: who should be considered the breacher?
  • Contract laws: the concept of blame and economic equivalents to be offered
  • The role of digitalization and technology in shaping commercial legislation
  • Contract termination: the main steps to take
  • Employing casual workers: legal issues that may arise

We are sure that the topics discussed will surely pique your interest and inspire you to find interesting information to present in your paper. In case you feel burdened with this assignment, a reliable custom writing service is at your disposal. Buy a corporate law essay written by a professional writer and get high grades as well as a great sample for future reference.  

Controversial Business Law Essay Topics To Write About

  • Shaping specific commercial legislation for foreign investors: pros and cons
  • Does corporate law undermine women’s empowerment?
  • Can corporate law curb malicious competition?
  • Should employees contribute to the formation of the business laws?
  • How does technology contribute to breaches of corporate legislation?
  • Are trade unions really effective in promoting employees’ rights?
  • Are there more male corporate lawyers than females?
  • Steps to improve the effectiveness of commercial laws in third-world countries

Needless to say, corporate law essay writing is a tedious and challenging job. It requires professional knowledge of the selected subject and sufficient time to compose several drafts. In case you had enough strength and determination to create the first draft of your essay but you feel that you can stand this no more, ask a professional writer to edit your work and bring it to perfection. Legit custom writing companies such as PrimeEssays.com offer proofreading / editing services to students to help them make sure their papers will receive the highest grades.

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Corporate Lawyers in High Demand

The troubles and calamities that shake the world and undermine the economics of even the most developed countries result in a constantly high demand for corporate lawyers. Businesses and large corporations are looking for ways to prevent deals from falling apart or to back out of disadvantageous contracts. Companies face disruptions to their supply chains every day. There are always certain mergers and acquisitions under the threat of failure. In addition, as the world becomes more globalized, the need for experts who would draft and negotiate international agreements also grows.

Thus, the profession of a corporate lawyer is lucrative and highly paid. Still, to get a law degree students must surpass themselves. They have piles of cases to read, long lectures to attend, numerous answers for seminars and tutorials to prepare, and tons of written tasks to complete. If you study long and hard hours but still cannot pass all your corporate law essays on time, trust our professional writers to do this job for you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high level of writing and original still well-researched ideas presented in your custom papers. Buy yourself some free time to enjoy life. 


Basic Guidelines for Writing a Perfect Law Essay

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