Recommendations on how to write a good critical essay: What topic to choose, how to write an outline, how to properly structure and format an essay.

Critical essay writing requires from students a detailed analysis of the proposed reading as well as evaluation and summary of the author’s views. Such writing task is often considered a challenge for a number of students since it is a demanding one and requires much time and dedication. In addition, not every one can properly analyze the required reading. In order to write excellent critical essay, students need to fully understand the task and possess critical analysis skills. It should be noted that objective criticism is not supposed to offend the author or his work. The main objective of critical essay is to analyze the text without any bias.

Students are recommended to use a serious tone when writing a critical essay. The feelings and emotions of the author should not be hurt. The respect has to be shown instead. In order to support the essential statements, it is required to use quotes. In addition, the writer has a right to agree or even disagree with the author when writing a critical essay.

How to properly write a critical essay

In case you decided to write a critical essay, use the following recommendations:

  • Provide an evaluation of the text in a critical but healthy manner
  • Do not show any signs of bias; facts and objectivity are the main factors of a critical essay
  • Criticism has to be supported with strong facts and evidence. Logical evaluation helps to base any judgment.
  • It is allowed to refer to evaluations and analyses of other experts.

Critical Essay Structure

There are two main parts of a critical essay. Please read more information below:

Author’s viewpoint summary includes:

  • The way the main idea and viewpoint is delivered in the text.
  • Main facts list which helped the author to create his/ her thesis.
  • Techniques or messages used by the author in order to appeal to the target audience. For example, how the author calls to action?

An analysis and evaluation of the text may include:

  • Main facts analysis. For example, in accordance with their correctness and relevance.
  • Evaluation of consistency of the author in his/ her statements.
  • Analysis of the recognized and accepted standards in comparison to the author’s thesis and personal points of view.

Possible critical essay topics

In this kind of writing one can use the following topics. They are just examples.

  • Science vs politics
  • Culture vs Art
  • The movies of Tim Burton
  • Democracy and its promotion
  • Plays of Shakespeare