Definition: Description essay is an essay that serves for describing a phenomenon or a personality.

An object or problem of description is determined by an author’s choice

This choice is also influenced by many factors originated from authors surrounding and his/her inner vision. Sometimes the problem occurs unnoticeable and writer stays face to face with his own erudition. The skill to notice pressing points in surrounding is a skill living inside the writer. The skill is known as attentiveness and concentration on object or thinking unit. The success of a descriptive story also depends on observance of the phenomenon or personality.

The interaction of both writer’s concentration and object observance creates a ground for successful description essay.

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The content of descriptive story is full of adjective information, characteristic and typical features and actions of an object described.

The characteristics interpreted by a writer are subjective by its evaluation so it is better to ignore any inclinations to give personal remarks. The good description concentrates on objective features as length, width, height, depth and density for inanimate objects and levels of speech and manners habits, mentality, psychology and spirituality for animate objects. The parameters and measures of description are counted after isolation of object or problem from its natural surrounding which already brings an artificial and experimental disposition of description.

As for the phenomena of process as integration, destruction and interaction it is interesting to know that description of such type of content suppose a variety of skills much more upgraded from mentioned above, writer’s concentration and object observance. The process of interaction, for example, is not a passage for description. It is volumes of hard work, both mental and physical.

The writer has to be aware of what category of object or personality he is extracting to describe.

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