Picking a Topic

A descriptive essay is a piece of writing that is focused on describing objects, people, situations, events, etc. When you are assigned to write such a paper, you need to explore the topic extensively and cover each of its aspects completely. Thus, readers will fully comprehend the key concept of your work. In addition, you should adopt different writing methods to help readers clearly imagine the issue you are dealing with.

Note that you need to produce a coherently-structured descriptive essay. In this way, you will not encounter any difficulties with underlining the central idea of your paper. For instance, if you intend to describe a particular situation, the paragraphs of your work should be arranged in a chronological order. However, if you are going to provide a description of a person or object, it is required to provide background data first. Then, detailed information about the analyzed matter should be presented in every paragraph. You should keep in mind that the introductory section sets the tone of the whole essay. That is why it is very important to formulate the main point properly and present it to readers well.

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Preparing a Thesis Statement

When you have gone through the afore-mentioned stage, you should begin to write a thesis statement that has to be clear and solid. Its aim is to highlight the key idea of your paper which will be examined in the main body. To cut a long story short, a thesis statement should point out the chief purpose of your piece of writing.

Generating Ideas

In order to put forward interesting ideas about the examined subject, you need to note everything that comes to your mind. The best way is to draw a table on a sheet of paper and fill in its columns with the facts, ideas, and thoughts relating to the examined subject. By using such a table, you will manage to consider the topic from all angles. If you want to make sure that you write your descriptive essay in the right manner, think whether it can arouse readers’ interest and emotions. Remember that your thesis statement has to be supported by hard facts. When preparing your work, you can make use of such literary devices as epithets, similes, comparisons, etc.

After the table is completed, you can start writing the body of the paper. Use each item presented in the table and you will compose a powerful body. Note that every paragraph should begin with an opening sentence and describe only one aspect of the explored subject.

Writing a Clear Outline

The aim of an outline is to accent all the points that you are going to cover in the body paragraphs. Mind that high school students are commonly assigned to write a five-paragraph essay. However, the students attending college or university can decide on the paper size on their own unless specific instructions are provided. As to a five-paragraph paper, it consists of an introduction, main body (three paragraphs), and conclusion.

Producing a Logical Conclusion

This section has to sum up your essay. It should restate a thesis statement if needed. Do not forget that a conclusion has to be written coherently so that readers can remove all doubts if there are any about the addressed matter.

Revise Your Paper

Everyone who has ever written an academic work realizes that it is rather a complex process. Thus, when your descriptive essay is completed, you should take a break. You are free to do what you like most of all i.e. go to the cinema, watch TV, listen to music, etc. In this way, you will be able to relax. After having a rest, you need to take your piece of writing and look at it from the readers’ perspective.

Read your paper again and make sure that all facets are discussed properly. Is each point of the paper fully examined? Is your work logically composed? Can you formulate the main idea of the essay? Are the body paragraphs organized properly? Are there any inconsistencies in the paper? Should any of the essay parts be rewritten?

Draw your attention to the way the paper is written i.e. to the word choice. You should realize that readers’ understanding of the main idea depends directly on the way you express your thoughts. Thus, if you want readers to comprehend everything clearly, the expressions and word combinations have to be used in their precise meaning. Your paper should give enough information about the discussed subject. Therefore, readers will be able to form their personal opinion about the key matter. In addition, the presented arguments and data will help you prove that the chosen topic is worth being covered.

The last step of the revision stage is reading your descriptive essay aloud. In this way, you will be able to identify possible drawbacks. You may also ask someone, to listen to your work and then express their viewpoint about it. In addition, it is useful to request your friends to read your paper. Ask them to comment on your piece of writing to know whether all points are addressed or some corrections are required.

Descriptive Essay Sample

According to Salkind and Rasmussen (2007) in any research it is always advisable to analyze the data collected from the study. As such this paper seeks to offer a descriptive statistics and interpretation for the study carried out to establish the relationship between a new bottling machine and the hours of the day. In analyzing these data, the study takes into consideration a number of interpretation phases as well statistical measures to establish the spread of the data and data correlation (Salkind & Rasmussen, 2007). For the interpretation phases, the study considers the use of measures of central tendency in establishing the typical score of the data set collected from the study. The descriptive statistics on the other hand took into consideration the measures of dispersion, the confidence level of the data population as well as the mode of data distribution… Read more

Finishing Stage

When all the steps described above are taken, you need to read your essay one more time. You should be very attentive when checking each aspect of your work i.e. spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, etc. If there are any errors, you need to correct them. Furthermore, clichéd expressions have to be deleted. Any illogically connected ideas or thoughts should be rewritten in a clear way. When a thorough check of your paper is carried out, you need to read it again to be certain that it is excellent and meets professor’s specifications. Though it is not easy to scrutinize your essay, you need to do it to make sure you will submit a perfect descriptive essay.

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