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Paragraph I: Introduction

Introduce the topic of your paper. Provide data about the situation in your area/district. Discover the causes of the created situation. Have a look at the helpful hints mentioned below:

  • Criminal issues have to be solved urgently.…
  • In recent times, the number of crimes has grown/declined.
  • Crimes that are committed most often are …
  • The most terrifying thing is that there is an increase in…
  • The number of unemployed people plays a crucial role in the situation which …
  • One more factor in this situation is …

Note that if you take a particular position, first it is necessary to introduce the contradictory point of view. In case you share the opposing opinion, you need to do everything in reverse.

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Paragraph II: Upholding facts

Uncover the reasons for which you support a particular statement. Cite straightforward examples and provide undeniable facts.

Paragraph III: Contradictory arguments

Give detailed explanations as to why you share this point of view. Give striking examples and present compelling evidence.

Paragraph IV: Concluding paragraph

This section should demonstrate your opinion about the analyzed matter. In order to write a conclusion properly, you may use the expressions given below:

  • In my opinion…
  • I regard this…
  • To sum up…
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Stylistic Features

It is of great importance to perform a thorough analysis of the subject and discuss different viewpoints on it when writing a discursive essay. Thus, no one will argue about the reasonableness of your paper. Nevertheless, in the concluding paragraph, you should present only your personal opinion about the analyzed issue. Furthermore, when preparing your essay, passive constructions as well as transitions (for example, hence, moreover, nonetheless, etc.) are to be used.

Providing evidence:

  • It is thought that a harsh sentence should be still carried out.
  • The “Three Strikes” laws have support among the British.
  • In addition, a lot of people think that the living conditions of prisoners are really favorable.
  • Some people state inescapable facts in support of introducing a death penalty again.
  • It is considered useful to take the viewpoint of victim’s relatives into account.
  • There are contradictory arguments about imposing such a heavy sentence as capital punishment.
  • The fact that the majority of prisons are overcrowded speaks for itself. Thus, the period of imprisonment should be shortened.
  • Some people think that criminals’ behavior can be changed for better while being imprisoned.
  • In addition, a capital punishment is regarded as a judicial murder.
  • It is mentioned that the innocent may become the victims of wrong verdicts.
  • Furthermore, a death penalty is considered to violate human rights.

Giving examples and facts:

  • A lot of people think that the greatest benefit of stiff sentences is that it is possible to keep the most dangerous criminals imprisoned for a long period of time.
  • One more big advantage is that people feel themselves more secure.
  • Therefore, it is possible to reduce the number of crimes carried out by small groups of people.
  • For example, former prisoners commit a large number of crimes.
  • Nevertheless, there is an opinion that severe sentences may cause a lot of problems. The point is that prisoners will find it hard to accommodate in the society after harsh imprisonment.
  • In accordance with the research done…

Examining facts

Organizing a vocabulary

Kinds of crimes and punishment:

Crimes: rape – rapist, shoplifting – shoplifter, burglary – burglar, to carry out a crime, to impose a harsh sentence, to be under arrest, to pay attention to victim’s opinion, to pay a heavy fine, to introduce capital punishment again, etc.

Legislative issues: judges, jury, courts, law, etc.

Cause / Effect Relationship:

  • The number of crimes increased because of the rise in drug consumption.
  • High drug consumption caused a large number of terrible crimes.
  • One of the reasons for the increase in a number of violent crimes is a raising level of drug consumption.
  • The boosted drug consumption is the result of a growing number of crimes.
  • The growth of drug consumption resulted in the rise of horrible crimes.
  • It is believed that modern prisons can be compared to the most luxurious hotels as a lot of money was spent on their reorganization.


  • New reforms should be introduced to help prisoners live in the society after being released from prison.
  • It is necessary to adopt new laws to help prisoners start new life.

As / Like Issues:

  • The article was very interesting as it described how a group of criminals was taken under arrest (“as” means “because”)
  • His uncle works as a police captain (“works as” equals “is”)
  • Death penalty is like any other kind of harsh punishment (“like” = “the same as”)
  • He was treated as a horrible criminal (“as” is interchangeable with “in the same way as”)
  • There are several reasons for that like a high level of unemployment etc. (“like” stands for “for example”)
  • Such factors as unemployment and poor living conditions caused such a situation (“such as” is used instead “for instance”)
  • It is not as complicated as it seems (comparison).

Review Your Essay

Layout: Is your paper built in a logical way?

Transition words: Are there transitions between sentences and paragraphs of your paper?

Writing Style: Check whether your discursive essay is written in a formal style. Your own viewpoint about the explored matter should be presented in the conclusion.

Grammar and spelling: Check whether there are any grammatical or spelling errors.

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