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There are many organizations that claim to do custom paper essays for their clients. Research has shown, however, that most of them do not sell original or custom research papers to their clients as they purport. According to the research, there are two types of research papers available online. These are custom research papers and what is known as file copies. Unlike file papers, custom papers are written at the request of the certain client who wants to buy custom papers online. Custom essay papers are, therefore, written to meet a specific academic need of a certain student or client. The client is therefore given a chance to issue instructions as to how he or she wants his paper to be written. On the other hand, file papers are not written at the request of a particular client. These are basically papers that were written in the past for the different purposes and clients, but which were later resold to clients at a cheap price.

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Before you buy papers online you need to be cautious about the kind of essay papers you buy. Unlike a quality custom essay paper, those who get tricked into buying file copies in the name of custom papers online normally get poor quality research papers. Those papers had been previously used by other people before they were resold to million other unsuspecting clients like you. The reason why file papers are of poor quality is that, in most cases, they are written by writers who are paid on per page basis. In case that the price per page is low this will lead to the poor quality of work produced by such a writer. File copies, however, have some importance. They can be of the great utility to a scholar who doesn’t want to order custom paper from writing companies, but rather use the file copy as a guide to writing his own original paper.

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It still hard to convince clients who buy papers online that sucha rogue company remains in the market even after defrauding clients. The truth is that each year a lot of students leave school and buy file copies in the name of a custom essay paper. Such information will not easily reach the student who remains in school. The trend continues and the ones who remain in school contract the rogue writers to do custom paper essays for them.

The only way to ensure that you get a custom writing paper from a good online company is to dig deeper into the company’s details. It is important to consider the price charged by the company to do custom paper essays for their clients. First, if the price charged is too high or too low, then there is cause for alarm. Secondly, before you order custom paper it is paramount to enquire whether the organization has an anti-resale policy to ensure that your paper will not be resold to other people afterwards. Before you buy a custom writing paper online, always ensure that the company you are dealing with has a good reputation and has good writers. Failure to ensuring this, you may buy cheap and plagiarized essay that will be of no value to you. No company, which cares about its reputation, will do custom paper to its client and then resell the same to a million others. This might directly hurt the first client. We do not let such things. Our company is reliable. You can get an exclusive paper at a cheap price. We always remember about the quality of your paper. We write papers of a good quality only.

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