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You have written your term paper, essay, thesis, dissertation, journal article or book.  You are ready to submit it to an instructor or to an agent/publisher, but must be absolutely certain that it meets the professional standards of those who will be evaluating it for a grade or for publication.  It is now time to use our Professional Editing Services, to ensure that the final polishing is completed by those who are experts in the business.  By using our Professional Editing Services, you can be sure that your English-language manuscript will be polished and ready for submission to your publication at a very reasonable price.

Our Editing Service will assign especially for you a professional editor among our large staff, dependent upon the content and the type of writing involved.  Editing a novel is quite different from editing an academic paper for journal publication.  We understand this, and, for this reason, have employed professionals from virtually every venue who are experts in English editing. Many of them have been published themselves or have edited currently published works.  These professionals know what potential publishers want to see, and they are able to assist with revisions that will bring you to actual publication.  We want to see your work in print just as much as you do. This is how the reputation of our professional editing service has been built and the only way it will be maintained.

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Our English editing service also covers a wide range of academic and non-academic works

We offer essay, term and research paper, thesis, and dissertation editing service for the high school students, college students and graduates.  You can buy professional editing service for cover letters, resumes, admissions essays, business reports, business plans, and a host of other non-academic writing venues.

In addition to our paper editing service, our company provides a full range of writing and rewriting services in both academic and non-academic areas. No matter what your need, our professional editors will thoroughly review your work, make suggestions, rewrite any part or the whole piece, and do so within a timeframe you are comfortable with.  Editors and writers are available for personal communication with you throughout the process and will never make major changes to your work without receiving your consent to do so.  PrimeEssays.com is committed to your full satisfaction, and your assigned writer/editor will not stop working for you until your full satisfaction will be achieved.  Whether you are a student at any academic level, a professional who is facing "publish or perish" pressure, or an aspiring writer of fiction or non-fiction contact PrimeEssays.com because we are the best spot where you can buy complete and wholly professional writing and editing services.


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We are able to offer English editing assistance for everyone who is willing. One of our goals has always been to deliver the finished product within enough time that the client could make a thorough review and request revisions, if necessary. Our paper editing service, unlike others, provides these revisions at no extra cost to you, and will continue to revise until your complete approval.  Today, we are proud to state that 98% of our orders are delivered a minimum of two days prior to the client's deadline.

Another unique aspect of our editing service is our commitment to customer service throughout the process. We have a customer support service staff that is available 24/7, 365 days a years, in order to respond to any questions or concerns and that the client may monitor the progress of his/her order.  Access to your writer is also guaranteed, so that there are no misunderstandings along the way.

At the end of the process, we may ask you for feedback on our paper editing service.  Feel free to look at the feedback section on our website to see what others have said about their experience with us.  Many are returning clients who use only us for any editing service needs they may have.

Student, business professional, scientist, author - no matter who you are, PrimeEssays.com is the professional editing service that can serve everyone!

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