Editing Process

When a rough draft is completed, a writer should go to the next writing step and it is called editing. Editing takes a lot of time and efforts. It is not a one-time occasion. During the editing, writer should look for any errors in the text. Common errors are as follows: punctuation, grammar, spelling, formatting and capitalization, etc. it is better not to hurry up while editing and dedicate some time to this process. If you are new at writing, start checking out the paper for the right punctuation and capitalization. Later, you will be able to notice and correct other mistakes like grammar and spelling. It is also recommended to read one’s paper out loud during the editing process. Some students find it easier to detect errors. Do not perceive editing as a negative thing. Remember that this job should be done in order to polish your paper so that you could be proud of the result. It is better to edit your piece of writing at least two or even three times. Draft should be edited and when the final version is completed, you will need to edit it as well. Stay patient and find a quite place to make sure the editing is done perfectly.


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There are a number of types of essays required during your student years, and our professional editing staff is able to provide the following essay editing services:

High School Essay Assignments

We will correct structural, transitional, grammar, usage and spelling errors, as well as clean up introductions and conclusions, so that the finished essay meets your teacher’s expectations.

College Admissions Essays

We will provide a comprehensive critique of all assigned essays, editing if necessary, correcting any grammar and mechanics, provide alternative, more academic vocabulary, review structure, clarity and sequence, and provide revisions to introductions and conclusions that will capture the reader’s attention.

College Essays

Our English professionals with graduate-degrees, along with experts in the specific field of study, will review and revise your essays, making certain that they meet the highest standards of written English, reflect solid flow and clarity, and are factually correct.

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Theses and Dissertations

As complex and highly critical works, theses and dissertations require not only impeccable style and grammar, but must follow specific organizational format, sound research and data collection, data analysis, and logical conclusions based upon the research. The literature review section should be academically superior and contain only the most current and relevant resources. Our Ph.D.-level editors will provide comprehensive review and revision, so that your work will impress even the most discerning member of your committee.

Whether your issues or organization, structure, flow, clarity of purpose, synthesis of content and ideas, or grammatical correctness, essay editing at PrimeEssays.com can provide the review and revisions you need. Our focus is on quality and customer service, and, for this reason, we have become the premier essay editing source online. Our clients return over and over throughout their academic careers and consistently refer others to us. For this reason, we continue growing and maintaining our reputation as a reliable, ethical, and professional source for essay editing.

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