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All students are accustomed to receiving various types of writing assignments in virtually every course they take. For some, these tasks are managed relatively easily, because they like to write, and the ideas and words seem to flow abundantly. For others, however, essays, papers and projects are pure drudgery. Whether the issue is organization, coherence, fluency, or grammar, many students would rather have a root canal than compose a piece of writing. To solve their issues with written assignments, many turn to online essay services and find two options: 1) they can order a pre-written essay, book review, critical analysis, term or research paper, etc., or 2) they can order a customized work, written specifically for them and on their precisely chosen topic. Before you choose which type of writing service to use, you need to understand exactly what you will receive with each option.

Should you select the “pre-written work” service, you will receive the following:

  • An essay, paper or other written work that has been placed in a database from which you select. It may not meet all of the specifications and guidelines of your instructor and therefore will have to be edited and revised by you once you download it.
  • The work may have been sold to others, and there is the danger that your instructor or professor may have seen it before. Some very diligent instructors check these sites if they suspect the work is not your own.
  • The quality may be inferior because a student not proficient in your language has written it
  • The piece may have been cut and pasted from other databases and thus lack the organizational structure and fluency a quality work should possess.
  • You may receive a piece of writing that is not at your academic level. A research paper produced for a college senior will not be appropriate for a high school student, and the difference will be glaring to any instructor.
  • Resources used for research may be out of date
  • The price will seem great – as low as $12.99 per page!

Choosing pre-written essay writing online services, therefore, can be risky business indeed. differs from these inferior, inexpensive services in a number of ways, and we believe that, in order for students to receive both assistance and an ultimately quality written works, a number of services and guarantees should be provided by superior essay writing online services. First and foremost, no student should settle for pre-written works, a choice that can jeopardize and entire academic career. We have developed the premier alternative for struggling writers - essay online writing services that are customized and provide each client with an original, impeccably written work, as well as a variety of editing and proofreading services to clean up what any student has already produced. Consider the following services and guarantees that offers:

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  1. You will order your work, providing us with all of the detail and specifications required.
  2. We will assign the appropriate writer to work with you. All of our writers are academicians with graduate degrees in their content areas who have been providing writing services for many years. Whether the assignment is a high school term paper on the Civil War or a university research paper in anthropology, we have a writer for you. All arts and sciences are covered by our large team of professionals.
  3. You will have the ability to communicate with your writer and to view the progressing work, so that you may request revisions at any time. Once the completed work is delivered to you, moreover, you have a final right of revision request, at no additional cost.
  4. If research is required, your writer has at his disposal the most sophisticated tools to provide and use resources that our both relevant and most current.
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  1. Reference citation formatting will be as you instruct – no exceptions.
  2. Once finished, the work is sent to our premier editing staff, where it is thoroughly reviewed for construction, organization, fluency, style, and grammar. Further it is scanned for plagiarism, using detection software which is among the best available. The complete originality of your work is thus guaranteed.
  3. We offer a full range of editing services for students who are producing their own works but who need professional writers and editors to assist with the project. We are available 24/7 to review your work, at any stage, and to suggest appropriate revisions to turn it into a quality product.
  4. Your finished work can be received either through download from your account with us or via email.

Whatever the academic level (high school, college, or graduate school) and whatever the subject area (art through zoology), the essay writing online services of have writers and editors for you.

Now – a word about pricing. Obviously, the service that offers customized writing at a variety of levels and complexities cannot provide a single price-per-page. A high school essay, for example, will cost far less than the research and writing required for a thesis or dissertation. You will receive a quote based upon the correct balance between level and deadline required, but that price will be final. Revisions and customer service are additional services you receive at no extra cost. We do not offer the cheap prices of inferior essay writing services online. We believe, however, that you will be pleased with the cost of your product or editing service and completely satisfied with the product(s) you receive.

We know that we are providing valuable and quality services, because 45% of our clients return for additional works and services throughout their educational programs. Some began with us as high school students and are now in graduate programs, still relying upon

In sum, we believe that we have the best writing service available to students. We have grown because our focus is on the client’s needs, the provision of exactly the correct professional writer for each project, and customer service that cannot be replicated by any other service.

Contact us today and experience what a truly professional writing service provides! We will exceed your highest expectations!

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