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When struggling students find essays and/or papers due, and are either overloaded with other work or truly find the writing process difficult, they often turn to the internet to buy essays online. There are two possible goals for such students. They wish to purchase an example of a paper on the specific topic, so that they may use this sample as a format for their own work, or, they actually need an essay or paper completed by a professional writer.

There are, quite literally, thousands of sites offering the opportunity to buy essays online, but the majority of these are not reliable or ethical. Students are sold papers of poor quality, often written by foreign students whose command of the English language is limited, and they thus become useless to the student. In other cases, the works are completely plagiarized or have been sold so many times that, again, they are useless to the purchaser. Given the sophistication of plagiarism-detection software today, any instructor can locate a plagiarized piece!

When you purchase an essay or paper at PrimeEssays.com, you have the ability to guarantee that the work cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. This is because PrimeEssays.com uses the best detection software available and can scan any piece sent to us by a writer, to ensure that it is completely original. Once we complete this scanning process, we place a "PaperSafe" icon on the work, so that you know it is authentic and not available anywhere else. If you intend to use the piece only as a sample to use in creating your own piece, then you can, as well, request a check for your state, to determine how many other students in your state have, indeed, purchased the same work.

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What exactly is a PaperSafeEssay?

When you come to our site to seek an essay or paper, you will have many from which to choose on your topic. You must also be aware that many instructors will scan submitted works for plagiarism and, if found, the consequences for the student can be disastrous. If you find a work you wish to purchase, and it does not have the PaperSafe icon on it, you may then request, during checkout, a scan for plagiarism. We will run the scan for you and attach the icon once we are certain that the piece appears nowhere else on the internet and thus cannot be found by any instructor.

Other sites offering the opportunity to buy essays online will not offer this service, because, in most instances, they know they are providing essays that cannot pass the scan. Unless the site you visit can guarantee originality for the work you are purchasing, you should not purchase any work from it. When you come to PrimeEssays.com, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your work is completely plagiarism-free.

How Do You Guarantee that a Work is Original and of Quality?

We have a team of professional writers and are always adding more, so that every topic and academic level can be accommodated through our service. We are very selective regarding the material we accept, and every author must certify that he or she has written the piece originally and that it has not been placed on any other site. Any writer who violates these regulations is immediately withdrawn from our team. Once a work is received by us, our editors thoroughly review it for quality, to include organizational structure, coherence and fluency, quality of resources, grammatical structure, and mechanics. It is then scanned for plagiarism. Please refer to our Buyer Safety and Usage policies, if you have additional questions or concerns about these issues.

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If I am not allowed to view the entire work up front, what is the guarantee of quality?

There can never be a guarantee that any paper will meet a student's need precisely. For example, the citation format may be one that is not acceptable to your instructor. It may contain too much content in one subtopic and thus need to be revised a bit. The goal when you purchase the work is to find one on your topic that matches the specifications you have delineated. The part that is available for viewing will give you a solid look at the quality of the author and a sample of the treatment of your topic. As well, there will be descriptive information to further outline the full contents. Along with this, you will receive a detailed summary of the work and background information on the author, so that you may be assured that this individual is indeed and expert on the topic. For example, if you are a high school freshman, and you need a research paper on the Civil War, you will probably look for one written by a high school senior or an undergraduate college student. If you are a college student, looking for the same topic, you will probably wish to purchase a work written by a graduate student.

Once I have purchased my paper, how soon will I receive it?

Immediately! Just as any online purchase, you will have an shopping cart into which you place the items you wish to purchase. When your purchase is completed, your work(s) are automatically dropped into your essay bin for you to retrieve.

What if I Purchase a Work that I then do not want?

If the author has in any way misrepresented the work, and it is discovered to be available elsewhere or plagiarized, in any part, from other sources, we, of course, will provide a complete refund. This rarely occurs at PrimeEssays.com, however, because these issues are thoroughly checked before a work is put up for sale.

Once I decide to purchase an essay or paper, what is the process?

Once you visit our site and navigate a bit, you will need to set up a user account. This allows you to search for essays and papers freely. You may conduct your search by submitting the criteria, such as topic, keywords, subject, essay type (narrative, persuasive, etc.), and, certainly for your educational level. You will have the ability to place numerous essays and papers in your cart for review, so that you can make a more informed decision by comparing them prior to purchase. Once you have selected the one(s) you wish to purchase, you simply proceed to the checkout. After completion of the payment, via credit card, you may then return to your personal account to receive what you have purchased. At this point, you may do what you wish with the piece(s), they belong only to you and will not be sold to another individual. Perhaps the most efficient method of using the work is to copy and paste it into your own word processing program and then to save it on your own computer. This allows you to carefully review and revise as you wish an within your own timeframe.

We are thrilled that you have chosen our service, because, quite frankly, we believe we are the premier source for all academic writing. Please review our Usage Policy, a requirement prior to signing up, and then simply set up your personal account with us.

A Final Word: At Primeessays.com, you will be able to locate virtually any type of academic writing at any academic level. We pride ourselves in a reputation gained over many years of providing students with essays of all types, term and research papers, book reviews, critical analyses, theses, etc. all of them original and offered for sale only by our site. We grow through word-of-mouth advertising because our clients are supremely satisfied with both products and services of our organization. Once you have had your first experience with us, we know you will refer your friends and fellow students to us. We truly are the premier source for quality essays and papers

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