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There are many questions which students are asking us relate to writing essays. Many of them are arguing that why essays written by us are not good as compared to others or why don’t we get good grades for those essays which we write on our own?

Here are some of the mostly asked questions and the replies to the same

Q. Please convince us that why essays written by us are not of that quality as compared to the one which is written by your experienced writers?

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Ans. If I will ask you which is your favorite chocolate? Most of you will say either Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury or may be any other. Now if will say you to prepare chocolate and it must taste the same like Ferrero Rocher or Cadbury , most of you will be shocked to listen this and argue that how could it be possible for us to prepare same quality chocolates.

Similarly there is a huge difference between the essays written by you and the experienced PhD writers. They use all their experience in writing your essays which will help you to get good grades in the examination.

Q. I am Genila, a 2nd semester student of New York University. We get assignments to write essays on regular basis. I am a hardworking student and devote most of my time in writing essays as compared to my classmates but still I don’t get good grades like other students who usually devote less time than me in writing their essays. Please tell me what is the reason behind this is?

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  • Category 1- these are those students who become familiar with this art due to their continuous commitment for writing good essays.
  • Category 2- these are those students who possesses this art or skill inherently.
  • Category 3- these are those students who are still struggling to become good essay writers.

You are currently covered under category no 3. But don’t get disappointed. You are a hardworking student and one day you will get the reward for your hard work and be counted among the list of category no 1 students

Q. Why does most of the student’s order their essaysinstead of writing them on their own?

Ans. Well it is common question usually asked by most the students. There can be many behind this but the main reason which we think is today students don’t want to waste their precious time. They are of the opinion that if there are professionals in the market who will do our assignments at reasonable prices, it’s better to get work done through them by which they will get some extra time to concentrate on studies.

Though it is not compulsory for you to order your assignments as there are many students who are doing their assignments on their own and are securing good grades.

So if you among one of those students who order their essays from outside, we welcome you to PrimeEssays.com, the leading essay writing service providing company.

We have a professional team consisting of best writers who are providing premium quality services. The essays written by our writers will be plagiarism-free or else we will refund whole money back to you. We don’t claim that our prices are the lowest as if you need quality essays, you have to pay little bit more. Our writers are smart and talented enough to write any type of essays. No matter whatever is the format i.e. APA, MLA, TURABIAN and CHICAGO or whatever be the field i.e. arts, science, psychology, literature etc, they are passionate enough to write good quality essay.

So avail our essay writing services today and we will assure you that the essays written by our writers will help you to fetch good grades in your paper.


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