The Samsung Galaxy S4 has numerous similarities to the iPhone 5 in terms of performance. Their manufacturing was to rival each other. Technology has changed the world's way of living. Life has become more efficient and effective. People now find it very easy to do tasks that they were not able to do before the invention of certain devices in the world of today. One very important device is the mobile phone.They support most of daily life needs like communication and planning events. This represents one of the most significant technological inventions ever seen. Before its introduction in the market, it was almost impossible to talk to another person at any time you wished. People had to use a pay phone or a fixed landline phone in the house that posed inconvenience and was unreliable extensively. However, this does not represent the case in the world of today. With the introduction of mobile phones, people usually call or even text each other at any time they wish.

The innovation did not stop there. As the years went by, the mobile phones became more and more advanced. Phone manufacturers continued constant addition of more features to this new device to a point that they almost do anything handed by a computer. They have greatly simplified the life of humans making multitasking easy and friendly.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Electronics made this revolutionary mobile device. This device operates on the Android platform that Google created specifically for phone usage. This enables a user to install as many applications as they want. With this new Android feature, one can access millions of applications on the Android market store, which can have ease of access using the mobile device. There exist wide variety of applications available on this device.

In terms of features and capabilities, Samsung truly outdid them when making it. It comes equipped with a full High Definition, Amole screen. The glass used in making the screen is made using Gorilla glass technology. The technology is the hardest of its kind. This ensures that your device is free from any scratches that may appear on the screen. These features make this phone the choice of many. The fast advancements of the phone manufacturing industry have sparked huge competitions within the industry. Various companies in the sector have embarked on a quest to produce the most advanced phone in the market. They all want to own the most advanced phone than other companies (Lee, Ramatowski and Gaensslen 117).

In addition to these advancements, the size of the mobile phones has also reduced from their original during their introduction into the market. The main priority for these companies is to fit as many features as possible in the smallest gadget as possible. The processing power of the device is also very high for a phone of its nature. It has high speed, hence a fast phone in comparison to other phones of its class.

IPhone 5

The phone is one of the most advanced mobile phones in the world. Apple Inc. manufactures it. This phone operates on the Macintosh operating system designed and created by Apple Inc for specific usage by its products. The company is known for producing every aspect of their products on their own. This means that they produce everything from the hardware to the software. As a result, their products are usually pricier than the competitor's products in the market.

The platform, on which it operates on, also has access to millions of applications developed by Apple. These applications are accessible to any other mobile phone user of a different brand other than the one manufactured by Apple. These applications give the mobile user to a huge variety of services offered by the company.

The phone has a 4-inch screen made with Gorilla glass technology. This glass is usually hard enough to withstand any impact that it may face. The screen is scratch resistant. This makes it ideal for any user to use the phone without the fear of scratching it. Furthermore, the phone has a processing power that is very high, hence making it very fast.

However, the shape of the iPhone is very similar to all the previous brands of the handset. The company usually has a signature design that it incorporates in all its handset designs. The main purpose of this is to create a good reputation of the product among the customers plus for the purposes of easy identification by the customers. Whenever a person looks at a phone that has a similar design, they will automatically know that it is an iPhone.

People usually line up outside Apple stores the day before the launch of a new product. They do this to become the first person to own the device after release. This provides an indication of the popularity of the brand .


Both Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 are very similar in design. The Galaxy S4 was launched into the market to rival the iPhone 5. Competition in the mobile manufacturing industry was at its highest during the launch of the two products. However, analysts and technicians say that the Samsung is superior to the iPhone. This is mainly due to some factors such as the platforms on which it operates. The Android operating system is very compatible with a variety of services as compared to the Macintosh operating system that is limited.

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