What are PowerPoint Presentations?

The Microsoft Office Suite is comprised of a number of programs, one of which is called PowerPoint. This software is designed for creating professional-looking presentation slides for displaying on projection or large television screens. So, put simply, PowerPoint is presentation-making software.


It is possible to get PowerPoint presentation examples for students and for business purposes online if you want to better understand the capabilities of this software. However, in normal circumstances, a presenter (of the human variety) would use a set of slides produced in the PowerPoint software to add visual appeal and to keep an audience’s attention while addressing them. Additionally, it is possible to create and record a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered without the presence of a human. PowerPoint presentations work equally well for both large and small audiences.

How and Where You Can Find the PowerPoint Software

A component part of Microsoft’s suite of office programs, PowerPoint is additionally made available in the following forms:

  • By subscription (to just this part of the MS Office 365 option);
  • As a standalone program for use on Mac and Windows-based computers;
  • As an online version;
  • As a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Guide to How to Write a Presentation Using PowerPoint

The process of writing PowerPoint presentations can be fairly straightforward when you understand the software. There several templates – from the casual to the more formal and even the very unusual – built into the PowerPoint program and these provide the setting for a presentation in terms of, for example, style, background and tone.

While there are many PowerPoint examples for college students to be found online, users who are new to PowerPoint tend to feel their way by choosing a template they like and then building their own customized slides. This generally involves replacing any existing placeholder images, graphics, and text with content that better suits the user’s own requirements and/or preferences. As proficiency improves, users tend to get more adventurous to the point of using the software’s in-built features for an enriched audience experience e.g. animation, charts, music, inter-slide transitions, and all sorts of special effects.

Collaboration Opportunities

While it is mostly used to custom PowerPoint presentations by individuals, PowerPoint can also be used by groups of people for the purpose of collaboration.

In these cases, the core presentation can be saved somewhere online e.g. on OneDrive, on OneDrive for Business, or in a program like SharePoint. Once a presentation is ready for sharing, it is simply a question of sending a link to the presentation file to colleagues or fellow-collaborators, giving them either permission to view, edit, or comment on the file.

The online version of PowerPoint is free and it allows individuals to work on their own or collaboratively via their preferred browser. Needing only a Microsoft user account, a group of people can work simultaneously on a single presentation from any location.

Possible Use for a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint can be used to deliver a variety of personal and business-based presentations such as:

  1. Family tree presentations
  2. Digital portfolio presentations
  3. Photo-based presentations
  4. At meetings in clubs
  5. Business plans
  6. Quarterly meeting presentations
  7. For training employees
  8. Sales and marketing meetings
  9. Launching products
  10. Various public speaking events
  11. For demos at trade shows, etc.

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PowerPoint – the Competition

Undoubtedly PowerPoint software is the most widely used and popular presentation-making software on the market, with an estimated 35 million of these presentations given daily. And while PowerPoint has many competitors, most do not have the same world-wide reach or are as well-known. For example, Apple offers a fairly similar product called Keynote, which is shipped free with Mac computers, but this program has a much smaller market share than PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Presentation Sample

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