Exemplification Essay

While writing an illustrative or exemplification paper, students should cite appropriate examples in order to make their argument strong and support the already mentioned statements as well as a thesis statement. A high-quality paper has to include up-to-date and reliable academic peer-reviewed sources. Therefore, having gathered supportive materials, a student can start thinking about the paper’s structure and other supportive ideas. Remember that accurate data is very important in this type of paper. Real life examples can definitely impress the readers and ensure validity of the given claims. It is hard to achieve success without being precisely thorough while choosing examples.

What Is Exemplification Paper?

It seems that once you think that you have finally got to know all the kinds of academic papers and cannot be taken by surprise anymore, a professor makes up something new to challenge you and your knowledge. Well, at least, a thought like that is likely to pop into your head once you receive an assignment to write an exemplification essay. You have never heard of it, have you? Do not worry. The majority of students have not. Still, if you had to write an argumentative essay at least one time in your life, this task will not be that of new. In fact, an exemplification paper is also about persuading a reader of a certain point of view but with substantial relying on specific and detailed examples. Thus, it requires that student use many facts, statistics, and anecdotal stories to defend own stance.

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How to Choose an Essay Topic?

Selection of a topic will not cause much trouble. First, the similarity to an argumentative essay gives you a great advantage in this regard. You probably know that argumentative topic should be based on a controversy. In other words, it should have no right answer but rather two opposing views, which allows a student to take a position. Fortunately, the same concerns a topic for the paper with exemplification. Second, you need to choose a topic that has much available data connected with it. As explained above, you will have to use a lot of facts and statistics. Without these, you are doomed.

Check a couple of topic examples that might inspire you to create own one. For instance:

  • Should school uniform be obligatory in all educational institutions?
  • Is college degree needed to succeed in the modern society?
  • Should marijuana be decriminalized all over the world?
  • Should studying in college be free of charge for everyone?
  • Should gun control laws be stricter?

As you can see, each topic allows you to pick a side. Besides, each of them is like to have an abundance of statistical data that may easily be used to back up whatever position you have. However, mind you’re your essay should not necessarily reflect you real opinion about the topic as long as you offer solid proofs and sound reasoning. If you still have a difficulty with imagining what kind of topic is suitable, you are encouraged to look for an example of exemplification essay. It will be of big help.

So that you could be aware of what to avoid, check out a few poor topics for an exemplification paper:

  1. What is your favorite film? – The topic is bad since; first, it cannot be support with fact and statistics. Second, it is too personal.
  2. How is wine produced? – Although there are definitely many facts related to it, the topic is not arguable or controversial. It has a right answer.
  3. Is medicine beneficial? – The topic is one-sided, and the correct position is too obvious.
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How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

Now, as you are familiar with the definition of an exemplification essay and the way to choose an appropriate topic, you are ready to go deeper into the tenets of writing process. There are two ways to approach this procedure. First, you may get down to writing right away. Beyond doubt, there are those people for who this strategy will work perfectly well, but it is a very risky undertaking. The second approach is for those who prefer to be more cautious and are not afraid of planning. If you settle down on the second option, here are the steps that you will have to go through in order to get a decent exemplification paper.

  • Step 1. Brainstorm and Outline. Although in most of the guides, brainstorming and outlining are presented as two separate actions, they can hardly work without one another. Therefore, they are combined here. At this point, you need to come up with as many ideas that develop and support your position as possible and try to arrange them, for instance, from the least to the most important. They will constitute the main part of your paper, namely a body. Then, you should leave some room for an introduction and conclusion in your outline. The amount of information that you may include in these two sections depends on the length of the paper and your preferences.
  • Step 2. Create an Introduction. The format of an introduction is not fixed, and you may change it up to your needs. However, there still some rules that should be followed. First, it should be straight-to-the-point. You should avoid including irrelevant information. Second, there must be a hook at the beginning of the introduction to grab a reader’s attention. Finally, you should compose an excellent thesis statement that will show your stance and briefly articulate your main arguments. You may search for an exemplification essay sample and check out how a typical introduction in such papers looks like.
  • Step 3. Work on Body Paragraphs. With a well-thought-out outline, composing body paragraphs will be a piece of cake. It will be similar to doing a simple task of filling in the gaps. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence, concluding sentence, and the vast amount of solid evidence since, as you remember, it is an exemplification paper. The number of paragraphs depends on your professor’s requirements. If this information is not specified, you may choose to follow a standard 5-paragraph essay format.
  • Step 4. Conclude. Finally, you create a conclusion that repeats your thesis statement in different words, summarizes the main arguments, and contains your final thoughts on the subject to ensure that the essay provides a sense of completeness. Once you are done with this step, you might want to take a pause and revise the paper in a while. Then, proofread it to make sure your paper is perfect up to the tiniest detail. If you have doubts regarding the essay, you may benefit from some writing and editing assistance at PrimeEssays.com.

We encourage students to use the following structure while writing an exemplification essay:

  • Valuable ideas
  • Examples
  • Comprehensive data about the raised subject
  • Obvious facts
  • Relevant data supporting the made statement

While discussing the chosen issue using true stories, it is better to make certain that every mentioned example corresponds to your personal opinion as well as the theme of the essay. Keep in mind the fact that your goal is to find as many useful sources as possible, which can provide you with the most helpful facts, events, examples that will make your statement even stronger. If you feel that your paper has some contradictive examples, then it is suggested to remove them totally, or change some arguments and statements of your paper. It is important to keep in mind that all information provided in your work has to support your thesis statement. On the other hand, there are cases when you are required to deeply examine a number of exceptions, and then it is fine to provide both opposing and supporting examples for  the key point.


The Structure of Exemplification Paper

This type of essay should be based on solid facts. Consequently, strong arguments should be used to support all made claims regarding the chosen subject. In order to grab the attention of the readers, a strong introduction should be written. Some students find it rather helpful to introduce the matter by writing a short joke or a story. It will prompt the readers to read further and remember the key points.

Talking about the body of an exemplification essay, one should remember to include arguments, facts, and statistical data regarding the discussed issue. Details are important, but be careful using too much of them, since you can confuse the readers and make your statements unreasonable. All the information should be presented smoothly and logically. Therefore, we suggest to use such transitions as “moreover, on the one hand, on the other hand, as a matter of fact, furthermore, etc.” both between the paragraphs and sentences.

A conclusion presents a summary of the whole paper. The last several sentences should not have any citations or statistical data. It is evident that by this section you also want to impress the readers. For that reason, you want to present a concluding section that will appeal to all your potential readers.

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