When an individual has a task to work on the explanation essay, he/she will have to send a certain message to the readers. A person working on this task is supposed to know who the readers are as well as to understand what the topic is, how to choose this topic and the ways to present it to the readers. This type of writing may have different goals and there are a few ways in which it can be written, depending on who the readers are, their preferences and their age. This is the reason why it is so important to understand how to write an explanation essay in order to get the desired outcome.

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Conducting the Research

Each idea that is being presented in the paper is supposed to be supported by real facts. Certainly, one has to be very well aware of the subject under examination. That is why performing research is helpful in finding the materials that will add some value to the work. Citing scholars who have studied the matter will add weight to your work. This is the reason why one has to spend some time collecting all of the required data, arranging the data in the order, and trying to figure out the information that is the most crucial.

Working on a Thesis

After working on the research, the student should think of the most appropriate method that could be used to thoroughly discuss the topic. A student should keep in mind that his/her main task is to give all-inclusive explanations to the readers on the question that is being addressed. Imagine that a student has to discuss the role of computer technologies. Student might write a paper about the ways in which computer technologies are used during the classes. One might come up with the following thesis statement: “The current IT technologies improve the process of teaching by helping and engaging all students to share their learning experience.” Student’s task is to explain the way computer technologies make the educational process a lot simpler.

Creating an Outline

If one does not want to miss any of the points that he/she wanted to analyze, then they should make a strategic plan of actions. This plan will help the writer to present the information in a logical way and format the paper accordingly. The writer will not face any difficulties at this point.

Writing and Proofreading the Finished Essay

When the writer has already created the plan, he/she can then start the process of writing. The writer has to make sure that he/she uses only the arguments that were gathered in the process of research. Writer has to try to not add any of the information on his/her part. It is also important to provide enough quotations. Then, the writer has to proofread the essay and check it for possible misspellings. There are a lot of online useful checkers that are very helpful at this stage.

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Explanation Essay Sample

Biased perception and reactions are a common phenomenon in life. It happens in the media and other fields as well. Biased perception is presenting a situation while supporting one side of the situation. The side that one presents in favor of is dependent on earlier personal beliefs and assumptions. It is wrong for the media to present information to the public when they are in support of one side. This is because the public consist of individuals in support of the two conflicting sides. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effect of biased reactions in real life situations.

In the article, there was perceived biased representation of the Beirut situation by both sides. Both the partisans and nonpartisan felt that the media gave a wrong or biased perception of the situation. It seems that every party views the situation in that its side has been given a wrong publicity. There is not once, one of the parties will say, when they have been given fair publicity. Every time there is a compromising situation, the parties feel that the media gives the public an ill view of their side while in favor of their opponents. This is proved through an experiment that was carried out between supporters and critics of capital punishment. Both supporters and critics only became more adamant in their opinions rather than coming to a compromise with each other. Each party felt that there was wrong methodology and approach to the information that supported their opponents. Therefore, they could only criticize the opponents and at the same time become more confident of their view than they were before.

In this light, I can say that biased media perception and representation are in the minds of the parties involved. It is in rare cases that the media is really biased. In most cases, it is a perception of the parties involved. This is evident in the two incidents presented in the article read. Both the partisan and nonpartisan in the Beirut massacre felt that the media were presenting in favor of the opponents. In the capital punishment case, both supporters and the critics remained adamant in their views. They also found fault in the points supporting the opponents. In the Beirut massacre, the parties felt that the media were presenting them as the bad ones in the situation, while in the reality they were the victims. They felt that they were victims of the situation; therefore, not responsible for what has happened. If the media were biased, one of the groups could have been contented with the presentation. Now that both parties were complaining of media bias that means the media presented the situation on the ground. The supporters and critics of capital punishment felt that the research was conducted properly when it was in support of their views. When the research was in support of the views of their opponents, they felt that the research was conducted in a biased way to favor the other group.

In conclusion, media biased presentation is an opinion of the parties involved. This occurs depending on the beliefs and preconception of the people. The way people view life situation determines how they will perceive a certain media presentation. Therefore, the public will feel that the media is biased in its presentation because the presentation supports what they oppose in life. They will only feel that the media were not biased when it presents in favor of what they believe. Therefore, in all the media presentation, there will be individuals who will feel that the media presentation was biased while others feel that it was very fair.

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