Familiar Essay

Students studying at high school know little about academic writing, especially such a difficult task as familiar essay. This piece of writing is dedicated to the exploration of the topic that implies a personal understanding of the subject matter (e.g., “Being Thankful” or “Being Jealous”).

Many students tend to think that familiar essays bear a number of similar features with personal papers. However, the latter oftentimes implies conducting additional research in support of your claims. Familiar essays do not oblige students to carry out any research because one should simply introduce his/her personal attitude, generate some philosophical ideas, provide a standpoint on the discussed subject, etc.

Tone and Audience

If you write a familiar essay for the first time, you should remember that your audience will consist of one person only. Remember that your reader also knows the basics of the topic and there is no need to provide additional definitions along with unnecessary clarifications. You are welcome to communicate and interact with your reader with the help of personal pronouns.

Create an Outline

Do not think that familiar papers do not oblige the writer to work on prewriting stages. You will still have to arrange your ideas and create a logical arrangement in the form of an outline. You should not worry about the content and quality of ideas in your outline. You simply write down all ideas that appear in your head. Afterwards, revise your plan and leave the most significant and valuable ideas in it, which will be extended into full sentences.

Time to Write

Now you should rely on the outline to write the essay. Do not think that it is a good idea to skip the stage of creating and outline. Even if you are an experienced writer, there are high chances that you will go of the track by presenting irrelevant ideas. For this reason, it is highly recommendable to use your plan not to lose the focus of writing and address the primary topic only.

Outside Research

Writing a familiar essay usually does not oblige students to carry out research on the topic. Still, you have to follow writing guidelines assigned by the teacher. Sometimes students should use several quotes of famous researchers or philosophers. Moreover, some teachers still ask students to back up their ideas. Even if you are allowed to present some outside ideas, remember that your focus should still remain a personal reflection.

Revision and Editing

Before handing in your paper, spend some time on the content check and editing. You should forget that you are a writer; take a reader’s position to see if your paper presumes a clear focus. Check if there are no logical and stylistic inconsistencies. The tone of writing should remain the same in every single paragraph. Do not forget to check coherence and unity of your familiar essay.

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