Preparing short writing pieces is a common practice for students. These short assignments are called essays which comprise five paragraphs. Students can be assigned to write essays practically in any subject, e.g., economics, liberal arts, and others. When you are to compose a paper of this type, you need to make a statement and uphold it by providing convincing arguments.

A shot essay should present a logical layout of information

If you need some tips to write a paper of top quality, follow the ones presented below:

  1. Your piece of writing should include the following structural patterns: introduction, body (three paragraphs), and conclusion. These sections should be arranged in a logical order i.e. an introduction, which goes first, is followed by three body paragraphs. Your essay should end with a concluding paragraph. This is an established academic structure for writing a short essay.
  2. An introductory section should pursue particular aims. They are attracting readers’ interest, presenting the discussed question, and making a thesis statement. In order to grab readers’ attention, you need to start your introduction with a captivating phrase. An opening sentence should interest readers in the subject and not make them indifferent. Thus, no daunting expressions should be used. A thesis statement is written in the last sentence of an introduction.
  3. The main body commonly includes three paragraphs. Each of them should examine only one side of the chosen topic and present hard facts to justify a thesis statement. The aspects covered by three body paragraphs should relate to the topic but they should not be treated as a unity. At the same time, it is required to establish a connection between them to single out the peculiarities of each of them. For this reason, you need to use transition words between the paragraphs.
  4. A concluding section is the last one. It should provide a comprehensive summary of all the ideas discussed in the body of your essay. It should briefly state how the presented evidence confirms the central idea or a thesis statement. You need to write an impressive conclusion so that it touches readers deeply.
  5. You have to be sure that any of the provided data will not cause any misunderstanding. Therefore, check whether your essay is written coherently. In order to comprehend your message fully, readers should understand all issues appropriately. If you want to be certain that your piece of writing is comprehensible, you can request one of your friends to read it. In case some essay points are confusing, you will need to clarify them.
  6. Finally, it is necessary to edit and proofread your paper. You should not skip this stage under any circumstances, as it is an essential link of the whole process. Note that a large number of great essays are rejected because they contain a lot of mistakes.


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