Aptitude Tests and Why They are So Popular

Aptitude tests are used by employers to find out about the competency level of a job applicant. They help to understand whether the potential candidate has necessary skills to cope with the set duties and objectives. Aptitude tests are divided into three main types.


What Should You Expect from the Aptitude Test?

Usually such type of tests is very short. It will last not more than 15 minutes. Usually, it is possible to pass it online. The tests have limited time and their difficulty level increases with each question. Its purpose is to put the potential employee under the pressure and detect their maximum performance level. Usually, the candidate is provided with the particular information and tasked to use it while giving answers to the questions. Such questions have numbers of answers. Try to answer more questions correctly. It will guarantee a better result.


How Such Tests Are Evaluated

They are usually norm referenced. It means that candidate’s performance will be compared to the normal results of a group (norm group). A norm group refers to the group of individuals with common characteristics, for instance, a graduate trainees group.

Candidate’s score is usually compared to the results of a norm group and it helps to find out candidate’s level of performance in relation to the performance level of people from the norm group.

In most cases, the score of a candidate is presented as a percentile. It helps the person who checks the test to get to know what percentage of the norm group surpasses their performance. For instance, if candidate’s result is 70th percentile, it means that he/she exhibited better performance than 70% of the norm group. Sometimes, the percentile is called the grade. In order to pass this test successfully, a candidate should exhibit the performance level higher than a set minimum.

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How Aptitude Tests Are Applied?

These tests are often applied during the job screening process. Such type of test help to detect candidates who do not possess numerical, verbal and inductive competence required for successful job performance. As a result, such candidates are removed from the job screening process.

Usually, such tests are given at the beginning of the job screening process. In order to continue the process and get an invitation for an interview, a candidate should reach a certain performance level during the aptitude test. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these tests can be passed online, there is a high chance of cheating. It is impossible to find out who exactly passed the test. In order to validate candidate’s performance, he/she can be asked to re-sit the pest in person.

How to Prepare for an Aptitude Test

Make sure you spend enough time to find out the types of questions that can be on the test. Try to pass some practice tests prior to passing the real one. Familiarize yourself with basic mathematical techniques before passing the numerical reasoningtests.

Find the right environment for passing the test. You cannot be distracted or disturbed and the place should be quite. Stay accurate but work fast. Make sure you understand each question before giving answer.

How to get ready for an aptitude test How to get ready for an aptitude test
  • First of all, you should practice as much as possible. There is an abundance of aptitude tests available online. They have the same format as the actual test and usually offer solutions in the end so that you could check yourself. The more you practice, the higher is the likelihood of satisfying results.
  • Do not be in a hurry when answering the questions. The point is not to be the fastest but rather hit the highest score. However, it is unlikely if you rush through the questions without paying enough attention.
  • There is no need to burn midnight oil preparing for the test the night before the test itself. You should have a clear head in order to demonstrate decent performance.
  • Avoid distractions during the test. Once you are interrupted, you lose concentration and eventually fail the test.
  • You should get accustomed to reading various short passages of text to be ready to the testing of verbal reasoning. The best way to do it is to practice as explained above.
  • Pay special attention to calculations connected with percentages and rations to be capable of passing the test of numerical reasoning aptitude. Besides, have a well-functioning calculator with you.
  • In case you do not know the answer to a certain question, do not start panicking. Continue to take the test and get back to the problematic piece later. Perhaps, it was just not the right moment for it.
  • Be particularly attentive to instructions and take every detail into consideration.
  • Mind your time and do not let yourself stick to one question for too long. It is better to move on and mull over the question again later. Under no circumstances should you worry!
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