Among other different types of academic writing, book reports writing is the most common and it involves a lot of reading. While writing a book report is not as hard as it seems, it is extremely time-consuming since a lot of time is usually spent on reading a book.

What Is a Book Report?

If we are talking about academic writing, a book report is a type of writing that summarizes and describes the content of the book. It may include either personal evaluation or relevance to the course. A good book report will cover the plot, characters, themes and general tone of the book, while an A-grade report should express one’s ability to analyze information, find similarities, read between the lines and understand the subtle meaning.


Before Writing a Book Report

Prior to writing, it may be a good idea to plan your writing and finish reading. It is important to have a whole picture in your mind when you approach your writing. While reading, make sure to take notes, highlight quotes and important ideas. You may find it useful to briefly write the quotes on sticky notes and placing them on pages. Look for the themes and the general tone of the book. After you have finished reading, you may create a rough outline for your report.

Structure of a Good Book Report

Every book report has a structure similar to a regular essay, meaning it has to have an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

The first paragraph shall have general information about the book and its author as well as thesis statement. Depending on the requirements and expected length of the paper, you may well include information on publication, genre, and theme.

Body paragraphs shall cover the following information:

  • Setting. Provide your readers with the description of the locations or any other important information that defines how events unfold or can contribute to the general understanding of the situation. Use descriptive language to help you create a vivid picture.
  • Characters. Introduce main characters and give a short description of relations between them.
  • Plot. Briefly describe what happens and how it affects main characters.
  • Themes and allusions. Examine how different events in the book develop certain topics and what the author may be trying to tell the readers.
  • Describe general tone and language used in the book. Is the style appealing?

If you are writing a book report on the non-fiction book, focus on the ideas the author presents and the fact they use to support their theory. Use chapter heading to help you organize the ideas.

The conclusion provides your personal attitude towards the book, including your recommendation on reading.

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Some information you may want to include:

  • The reason for choosing this book. If you had a free choice in your writing, it may be useful to provide some sort of explanation for the choice you have made;
  • Personal reflections and literary allusions to other books, mythology or cultural traditions;
  • Citation to specific pages or parts of the text. The citation format will be defined by the format of your paper.

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Editing Your Book Report

Once you have finished your writing, check your spelling and grammar, making sure your paper looks flawless. You may need someone to read your paper for you or request professional editing services. Once you are done, check your final report against the requirements from your professor. It may be useful to check your writing for plagiarism, as you may have accidentally plagiarized some of the sources.

Writing a book report requires a lot of reading and thinking, as you have to pay attention to details, make notes and be able to analyze patterns, themes, and tendencies in the book. If you have a choice, choose something you are interested in and never trust the book review sites.

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