Thesis writing is not an easy task. That is the reason why this thesis for dummies page was created. Below you will find helpful tips and steps to follow when writing this kind of paper. But before we start, let’s highlight the contrast between a dissertation and a thesis. The former is written to obtain a Ph.D. degree while the latter gives a chance to become a Master. And in case you have not gained the full mastery in writing such complicated manuscripts, use our clear and concise instructions below.


To Create a Successful Work, You Need to Realize the Complex Nature of the Thesis

This kind of paper is much more ambiguous than just a regular research paper or essay: while the latter strive to prove one clear point of view, a thesis often discusses controversial and conflicting matters, analyzing different levels of a certain problem.

Therefore, a thesis can never be one-sided: it always shows different possible points of view, making the readers see the problem wider. Due to this reasons, a thesis is supposed to consist of 2 parts: the one that presents the argument and the one that suggests how this argument should be addressed in the paper.

thesis writing

Thesis Writing Strategy

Thesis structure requires a consecutive and comprehensive approach to writing. The order of actions described below will lead you to a perfect thesis in the end, so read it carefully and follow every step.

Thesis writing strategy1

Review the major sources of literature. It is important to notice any inconsistencies, contradictions or conflicts and bring them to the surface. Weigh all the arguments of the analyzed source and make your own conclusion. In addition, read between the lines and see what the author has implied in the writing. All this information will help you to pose correct questions for your thesis, which is the basis for a successful further research.

Thesis writing strategy2

Note down the formulations that come to your mind. Even if those are just pieces of phrases or separate ideas, do not ignore any of them, as every hint can lead you to the final well-formulated product. You can write the ideas on separate pieces of papers and later search for the final version of your thesis by rearranging these pieces on one surface. This way you will have a visual perception of the chaotic thoughts, which will help to organize them and make them work.

Thesis writing strategy3

Write and rewrite. Once you attempt to formulate your final thesis, do it several times. Even if you are quite satisfied with the very first formulation, rewrite it in several forms to see what else can come out of it. Restating the same argument a few times helps to get a new perspective and come up with fresh words.

Thesis writing strategy4

Place your thesis statement in the opening paragraph. As a rule, it is contained in the last sentence of the first paragraph, serving as gates that open the road to the discussion. This traditional position of a thesis statement is familiar to all the researchers, so stick to it and do not reinvent the wheel.

Thesis writing strategy5

Criticize it for yourself. Write down your thesis on a piece of paper and try to find every possible flaw in it. Anything that comes to your mind will help. Is the formulation unclear? Is the underlying argument weak or flat? Is the thesis not addressing any meaningful problem? Write it all down! It will help to develop the arguments for your paper and address them in your writing, predicting the possible questions of the readers.

By completing these steps, you have approached to the ideal thesis for your work. However, there are still certain aspects to consider. Are you saying, “Help me write my thesis?” – We are doing our best! So just keep reading further.

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Good Thesis’ Features

  • It should be affirmative. Although a thesis statement does raise certain questions that the paper will address, it can never be put in a form of a question. This would be too obvious and too simple, and these words do not match the definition of a thesis. A good thesis is always affirmative, and there can be no exceptions to this rule.
  • It focuses on a narrow issue. A good thesis never mentions too many subjects and always addressed one main issue. It is impossible to cover numerous spheres fully in one paper, and it is impossible to present numerous subjects within one thesis. So cut out all the unimportant details, choose one direction, and place your thesis in it.
  • It is always definite and clear. A thesis statement always expresses a certain position, so it has to be firm and well-defined. It claims something, it states something, it expresses something, and it serves as a pillar to the rest of the paper. Therefore, it is your job to make this pillar strong and clear, so that the writing would be based on a powerful foundation.
  • It is noticeable. A thesis is never just another sentence that the readers scan and do not pay attention to: it is always a bright statement that stands out of the paragraph, despite being logically connected to it. Avoid standard formulations and cliché phrases! Breathe a fresh life into the expressed argument, making your thesis memorable and impressive. After all, it opens the whole research, so make it sound accordingly.
  • It is specific. There should be no hints or underlying meanings in a thesis: this part of your work should be loud and clear, with very specific voicing of the paper’s main idea. So do not go around the theme for too long and cut it to the chase right away.
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