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Informal Essay

      Informal essay is a story essay similar to personal style essay as for the restrictions for the manner of content presentation and close to a narrative style essay as for the choice of a general idea.

      Sometimes description of the informal essay goes as a story with a definite general idea prepared for the public audience. Mentioning publicity aspect we should remember that informal story takes its idea and structure from narrative style standards. The reason why they are similar in thought building is that the main purpose of both informal and narrative styles is to bring necessary block of information to a listener or a receiver of the info.

      Trying to please listeners’ ears is not what an informal style is chasing on. The main purpose as mentioned above is to get listeners granted with true story not overloading it with trivialities and much details. Idealization of a story is sometimes conducted so that the listener receives only good news omitting the bad sides of possible consequences of occasion happened, fixed by the source of informality and transferred into masses ears.

      This is what we mention about publicity stories announced for masses and mass media is working for it.

      If to mention about casualties as two girlfriends talk through sms media or I-net letters for instance, it is reasonable to differentiate the standards of informal story structure and main purpose of information transfer. The speaker informs the listener with info expecting a certain response. This is how dialogue was invented.

      And this is the main point on differentiating two styles of informal essays. Differentiation of massive and personal informal standards of writing is helpful in creating an informal essay.


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