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Narrative Essay

      Narrative essay is an informal style of writing and next performing the information. The narrator of the essay is not necessarily the author of it. Experience of writing narrative stories shows that the authors are mainly journalists, copy-writers, students of international cooperation and information faculties, historic and philological faculties. Sometimes they are the writers that are specifically oriented on fixation of an overwhelming flow of media all over the countries. The specific of writing narrative essays is based on counting the further presentation of the material. If it is TV or radio news, the style of narration is strictly enveloped with standards dictated by the government of the country. Internet exploration gives a clear point on freer cover on narration style standards. 

      Rumors and gossips can not be considered a narration style sources simply because the narration is ambient on facts and sometimes arguments performed in thesis form.

      On the whole the narration essay takes its role in presentation of any story. The restriction falls only on the manner of presentation which has to avoid personal evaluation and critical remarks. It often takes the detailed content then reformed into a report.

      Personal evaluation and emotional content never crosses with the content of narrative essay. A professionally constructed narration excludes any shades of analysis. It deals only with naming and fixation of facts that are performed in a manner of publicity style.

      Mass media informational orders are always protected by a narration cover. That is what happens with negative course facts that are hidden by a moderate neutral cover of narrative style.

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